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Monday, March 8, 2021

Not with ghee or oil; In this unique temple of Mataji, a lamp is lit by the water of the river

Tirth: Not with ghee or oil; In this unique temple of Mataji, a lamp is lit by the water of the river

Hello friends, this post is not meant to offend anyone and this post is for informational purposes only.

There are thousands of temples in our country and each temple has its own specialty. A few temples are so mysterious that no one has ever known their secrets. One such temple is located in Madhya Pradesh. This temple is famous all over the country for its amazing miracles. A lamp in this temple is a flame which is lit not with oil or ghee but with water. Even the scientists could not get any information about the mystery of this temple.

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However, on the banks of Kali Sindh river in Madhya Pradesh, a temple is located near Gadiya village, about 15 km from Nalkheda village of Agar-Malwa. This temple is known as Gadiaghat Mataji. The priest of the temple says that earlier an oil lamp was always lit here, but about five years ago Mataji appeared to him in a dream and asked him to light a lamp with water.

ન્યૂઝ નો વિડીયો પણ જોવો

Then the vat kept in the lamp was lit, the lamp lit. The priest was shocked to see this and for about 2 months he did not tell anyone about it. He then did not believe it at first when he told a few villagers about it, but when he also added water to the lamp and lit the flame the lamp was lit.

It is said that the news of this miracle then spread throughout the village. Since then till today a lamp is lit in this temple from the water of Kali Singh river. It is said that when water is added to a lamp, it turns into a viscous liquid and the lamp is lit.

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According to locals, this water-burning flame is not lit in the monsoon. As the water level of Kali Singh river rises in the rainy season, this temple is submerged in water, so it is not possible to worship here. However, on the first day of Shardiya Navratri, the flame is re-lit with Ghatsthapana, which remains lit till the next monsoon.

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The most dangerous highway in the world, where life is at stake

Hello friends, today we have come up with information to know and step by step in the area below and this news is to be told and also the video is given below.

We have come up with some interesting road and road information of the world and share more and you will find a lot of such information from the website and the work information and information will be updated daily.

The most dangerous highway in the world, where life is at stake

Do you like to take risks? Do you like to travel hard?
Do you enjoy crossing dangerous roads?
Have you gone on the most perilous streets on the planet? If not, we should take you on the most troublesome excursion on the planet.

The Pamir Highway in Central Asia is known as the most difficult highway in the world.

This 1200 km long highway is considered to be the most inaccessible road in the world.
It is said that the population of Snow Leopard and Marco-Polo is higher than that of humans.

It takes courage to walk on this road

A picture of the highway
Thrillers have to contend with the dangers of earthquakes, floods, avalanches and deep valleys during this 1200 km long journey.
The difficulties that arise with each step, the thrill of the journey does not diminish anywhere.

Mountains spread all over

As you disregard the Pamir Highway you will feel as though a perpetual arrangement of slopes were running with you.

Not exclusively are the fields of the Pamir Mountains, this interstate additionally offers a perspective on the Hindu Kush Mountains, which are in Afghanistan.


Someplace there is a hurrying waterway, someplace there is an infertile mountain, someplace there is no railing for wellbeing on the parkway going through the side of a valley several meters down.

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Teacher useful file

 Education is an important tool, which is very useful in everyone's life.  Education is what sets us apart from other living beings on earth.  It makes man the smartest creature on earth.  It empowers human beings and prepares them to face life's challenges efficiently.

 Our country has been the center of education since ancient times.  India has a rich and interesting history of education.  It is believed that in ancient times, education was given orally by saints and scholars and information was transmitted from one generation to another.

 After the development of letters, it took the form of writing using palm leaves and tree bark.  It also helped in the spread of written literature.  Temples and community centers played the role of schools.  Later, the gurukula system of education came into existence.

 Impact of modernization on education

 Education plays an important role in society.  Education itself creates our knowledge, transfers it to students and promotes new knowledge.  Modernization is a process of socio-cultural change.  It is a series of changes involving values, norms, institutions and structures.  According to the sociological point of view, education is not according to the individual needs of the individual, but it arises from the needs of the society in which the individual is a member.

 In a stable society, the main function of the educational system is to pass on cultural heritage to new generations.  But in a changing society, its pattern changes from generation to generation and in such a society the educational system should not only be taken as a cultural heritage, but also help in preparing the youth for the adjustment of change in them.  And that lays the foundation for future possibilities.

 Skilled people are trained in modern educational institutions, whose scientific and technical knowledge leads to the industrial development of the country.  Other values ​​like individualism and universalist ethics etc. can also be developed through education.  Thus education can be an important weapon of modernization.  The importance of education can be realized from the fact that all modern societies emphasize the universalization of education and in ancient times, education was focused on a particular group.  But with the modernization of education, now everyone has the facility to get education irrespective of their caste, religion, culture and economic background.

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 The effect of modernization can also be seen in schools.  Modern day schools are fully equipped with technically sound devices that help children develop their expertise in a more explicit way.  Effective facilities provide barrier-free means for persons with disabilities, are free from health and environmental hazards, provide adequate space for students and teachers, and are equipped with appropriate technology for classroom and instructional use.

 The current teaching system needs more flexibility in classroom locations than a classroom system.  For example, students working together in small groups may use shared spaces between classes in some of the district's new primary schools.

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How to make a TV remote for your mobile, very easily

Smart AC and TV remote

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3, DIY remote control: Remote control(Universal) supports DIY remote control function, using Remote control(Universal) accessory, you can learn the original remote control signal to the phone.

Access to SD card: used to store remote controllers to mobile phone.

Nowadays technology has developed so much that you can make bigger than your small mobile – bigger If your mobile has Infrared, then you can make your mobile remote to any TV or Dish and control it.


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All will be fruitful now,
Distance I really like that.

The relationship will be green,
The reason is the sagging from time to time.

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The move should instill a little love in the man,
The vines should be fenced later.

If it happens, one son should be persuaded,
That is how old houses should be vacated.

To learn how water becomes tears here,
Valsoy's daughter should be turned away from home.

Relationships, friends,
They should run on each other's shoulders.

The world is easily conquered,
We must defeat this first.

Nothing but a horse
The swing can still be swinged,
But if you feel hungry, either again
Taking a thumb in the mouth and sucking?

Take the curiosity to learn something
Can go to school college again,
Also run to play throwing the briefcase
Where can this be done now?

Not on the tree but in the collar tune
Cuckoos can be heard,
But either way again
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Clapping with friends is still a
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Saying go is your kitty still a
In an instant enmity can be made,
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Try to grow up
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Identify vegetables (English name) Identify birds from pictures (English) Identify animals from the picture (English) fun for kids to play with

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

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