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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Gujarat Corona update

Gujarat Corona update.

A 22-day-old baby from Karjan in Vadodara district has given corona a boost from the pediatric ward of Gotri Hospital. The mother of this child had a coronary heart disease. However, after treatment, the child is now free and has returned home. In the last 6 months, 74 crore infected children have been treated by pediatricians in the pediatric department of Gotri Kovid Hospital in Vadodara city. Of the 74 corona infected pediatric patients, a 13-year-old paralyzed girl died. The remaining 41 pediatric patients have been placed in home isolation and 11 children have been transferred and 21 patients have been discharged from the hospital.

Children are less likely to enter the corona because they have less ACE-2 receptor
Pediatrician and Professor Dr. Gotri Hospital. Nimisha Pandya said young children are less likely to get the corona virus because of the low ACE-2 receptor, so they do not get infected quickly. We have seen 2 types of affected children in particular among the coronary infected pediatric patients there. The most common cases were coronary heart disease in children screening family members when someone in the home had coronary heart disease, and sometimes the child had a cold, fever and diarrhea, followed by coronary heart disease.

In the early days of the corona transition, we used to admit all the young pediatric patients, but now the children are being provided with home isolation as per the government's phased guidelines," he said. If the child develops a severe symptom, he is admitted to the hospital's covid positive ICU.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning. Late on Monday evening, the director general of the organization, Dr. According to Tedros Adhanom, people should be prepared for another epidemic. Money should be invested in health services before the next epidemic, otherwise corona-like conditions can arise.
According to Tedros at a press briefing in Geneva, the epidemic has infected 2.71 million people worldwide and killed more than 8.88 million people. The situation is deteriorating in many parts of the world. Which is becoming difficult to control.
History has witnessed many epidemics
According to Trades, history has shown that this is not the last epidemic. This is the truth of life and it does not end. Now we must be fully prepared for the next epidemic.
Vaccination is not expected before June-2021
Recently, a spokesman for the World Health Organization, Dr. According to Margaret Harris, corona vaccination cannot be expected until the middle of next year. Vaccine trials around the world have not yet been completed.
According to him, many vaccines around the world are in advanced stage clinical trials. None of these vaccines have been shown to be effective up to 50 percent in preventing corona. Any vaccine expected to be at least 50 percent effective during this period of the epidemic.

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