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 Gayatri Mantra - India's Immortal Blessing to the World!  Maharshi Vishwamitra is the seer of the Gayatri Mahamantra of Sama Rigveda, a collection of energy and common sense.  Achieved Rajarshi position with penance and diligence.  Not only that, he became Brahmarshi with the blessing of renunciation and gentleness.  Vishwamitra is an unforgettable character in the history of India, shining in the sky even today.

 In the past we enjoyed the biography of Vedana Maharshi Vashishta.  Today we will pay a visit to his contemporary and competitor Maharshi Vishwamitra.  In the biography of Maharshi Vashishta we have seen the events with Maharshi Vishwamitra.  So let's not repeat it here.  In particular, we must remember the contribution made by both Maharishis in shaping the life of Lord Rama.

 Maharshi Vishwamitra is one of the original Maharishis of Veda.  Usually the biographies of Veda sages are found in Puranas and Ramayana or Mahabharata.  Details of Maharshi Vishwamitra's biography are found in the Mahabharata and other Puranas.


 Vishwamitra Chandravanshi is the son of Maharaja Gadhi of the Kushik dynasty.  That is why he is also called Gadheya.  The story of his manifestation is very interesting.  Maharaja Gadhi had a charismatic girl named Satyavati.  She was married to the great ascetic sage Richik.  Satisfied with Satyavati's service, sage Richike gave the sacrificial offerings to his wife.  Prasad's charu had two parts.  One part was to be given to Maharaja Gadhi's wife and Satyavati's mother and the other part was to be taken by Satyavati herself.  Giving prasad, Richik told his wife that by the grace of Yagnanarayana, he would have a great ascetic son and his mother would have a heroic son with Kshatriya virtues.  After offering Yajna to Satyavati, the sage went to the forest to perform penance.

 On the other hand, when Maharaja Gadhi arrives at Richik's ashram to meet his daughter, Satyavati talks about the offerings given by the sage.  However, fortunately she and her mother's offerings have changed.  The prasad which Satyavati was to take is accepted by the mother and the part taken by the mother is taken by Satyavati.  Both women become pregnant by the grace of Yajna Prasad.  The sage who is doing penance in the forest realizes this while meditating.  However, they reassure Satyavati.  A cultured and civilized child is born in the womb of Satyavati.  Which is named Jamadagni.  The son of Jamadagni became the great and powerful Lord Parashuram.  Vishwamitra, on the other hand, is a very bright son to the mother.  Thus there is a small-dohitra relationship between Parashuram and Vishwamitra.

Vishwamitra's Veda-sadhana

 The oldest of the Vedas is the Rig Veda and it has ten congregations.  Its third congregation has 62 suktas (mantras).  Rishi Maharshi Vishwamitra is the mantra seer of all the suktas of the third mandal.  So, the third Mandal of this Rigveda is called 'Vaishwamitra Mandal'.  In this mandal there are hymns of deities like Indra, Aditi, Agni, Usha, Ashwini and Ubhu.  The tenth mantra of the 62nd sukta of the third mandala of the Rig Veda is famous as 'Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yon: Prachodayat' Gayatri Mantra.  Usually the sadhana of Vedmantra is done with Pranav.  This mantra is also called Brahmagayatri.  It is considered to be the root of all Vedmantras.  That is why Gayatri is also called Vedmata.  At the time of Upanayan Sanskar, Guru gives initiation to Gayatri and from this duality is obtained.  An entire article about Gayatri Mantra has been published earlier in Vedvani.  So let's not discuss it in particular but it can be said that Gayatri mantra is the pinnacle of Indian spirituality.

 Maharshi Vishwamitra achieved the Gayatri Mantra.  Due to which he received many miraculous powers.  He preached the sadhana of Gayatri and due to which India has got many powerful seekers for thousands of years.  In addition to the philosophy of suffering, he has composed the Vishwamitra Samhita, Vishwamitra Kalpa and Vishwamitra Smriti, in which he has given the rules of penance, sacraments and conduct.  However, his main point in all this is Gayatri Sadhana.

 Maharshi Vishwamitra and Maneka

 The Mahabharata has an interesting anecdote of Vishwamitra and Maneka.  Maharshi Vishwamitra was a great ascetic.  His penance made Indrasan dolly.  Indradev was afraid that Vishwamitra might grab his Devraj position somewhere due to the heat!  So he sent Maneka, the most beautiful nymph of heaven, to break Vishwamitra's penance.  Maneka and Kamadeva created a beautiful environment in the forest.  A beautiful cool sweet, sweet and fragrant wind began to blow.  Maneka was an excellent dancer.  He tried to break Vishwamitra's penance with a beautiful gesture.  In the beginning, the penance of the strong ascetic Vishwamitra remained intact.  But Vishwamitra is captivated by the form of Maneka and the beautiful solitude of the forest.  They seem to love Manka.  Both of them spend some time in the forest.

 Maneka gives birth to a beautiful girl from Maharshi Vishwamitra.  However, Vishwamitra, distressed by his own ejaculation, resumes his penance and the nymph Maneka returns to heaven.  Birds protect the newborn baby.  Meanwhile, Maharshi Kanva comes there and raises the girl beautifully.  The bride is named Shakuntala after the Shakunta birds.  This bride is married to Maharaja Dushyant.  His descendants are known as Bharatvanshi after Shakuntala and Dushyant's majestic son Bharat.  Not only that, the name derived from Bharat is becoming the identity of the entire country.  This event has been immortalized by the great poet Kalidasa through a play called 'Abhijnan Shakuntal'.  Thus, the love affair between Vishwamitra and Maneka became a beautiful landmark in the history of India!

 Trishanku and Harishchandra

 There are many interesting occasions in the biography of Maharshi Vishwamitra.  King Trishanku obviously wanted to go to heaven.  He performed Yajna under the guidance of Maharshi Vishwamitra.  By the grace of Maharishi, King Sadehe departs to heaven.  The gods and Indra, on the other hand, worry about breaking the natural law.  That is why the king is stopped in the middle.  It hangs between earth and heaven.  The term 'hung' is derived from it.  However, by his own yoga power, Maharshi creates a new paradise for the hung.  Here is an introduction to Maharshi's surrender-vatsalta.

HMAT કસોટી 2021 સુધારેલ જાહેરનામું

એન પી એસ કર્મચારીઓ માટે એક ખુશખબર આવી.

સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

વર્ષ : ૨૦૨૧-૨૨ માટે વિજળીકરણ અને પીવાના પાણીની ગ્રાન્ટની જરૂરીયાત અન્વયે માહિતી મોકલવા બાબત

 A similar motivational story is from the truthful king Harishchandra.  Lord Rama was born in his dynasty.  Maharshi Vishwamitra examines Harishchandra's Satyavrat.  Asks for his royal lessons from the king.  Even after a hard battle, when Harishchandra does not waver, Maharshi is pleased and returns the Rajpath to him and resurrects his son Rohitashva.

The baby was born in just four and a half months, doctors said - hope to survive 0%, today the baby turned 1 year old, birthday celebrated

The baby was born in just four and a half months, doctors said - hope to survive 0%, today the baby turned 1 year old, birthday celebrated

 A premature baby.  Who was born 131 days before the time.  The weight was only 338 grams.  Which was the lowest of any premature baby born in the world.  His hope of survival was very low but by proving all the challenges and fears of the people wrong, this child has won the life of life.  It is now one year old.  He also celebrated his first birthday on Saturday.

 The American-born baby is named Richard Scott William Hutchinson.  Richard is the first child in the world to be born in just 139 days instead of 270 days (9 women).  As a result, Richard's name is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Richard's parents say their son has overcome all his physical obstacles.  She is as normal and healthy as any other child.  Father Rick says he knew the first few weeks of Richard's life would be very difficult but was confident he would overcome obstacles and survive.  Mother Beth says the corona helped Richard get out of trouble.  He was trusting us. After being in the hospital for about 6 months, Richard first came home on December 20, 2020.  Her eyes watered when she saw Richard in the cradle that day.

 Richard's parents said - glad the son set a world record

 Richard's parents say they are surprised and happy that Richard has set a world record.  Today, the whole world knows Richard's story.  It will also help parents whose children are preterm.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Richard's body was so small that his parents could hold it in one hand.

 In the last 24 hours, 3 lakh 15 thousand 514 people in the world have reported positive corona.  During this time 3 lakh 60 thousand 872 people also defeated Corona.  However, 7,755 people also died due to the infection in the last 24 hours.  Meanwhile, the number of people who lost their lives due to the epidemic in Brazil has crossed 5 million.  5 lakh 868 people have lost their lives here so far.  This is the second country after America where Corona has claimed the most lives.  The transition to the United States has killed 6,17,083 people so far.

 The highest number of cases was reported in Brazil in the last 24 hours

 The highest number of 81,574 corona cases was reported in Brazil in the last 24 hours.  Meanwhile, 46,881 people beat Corona.  After Brazil, India received 58,588 cases and 87,568 people recovered.  Similarly, 28,734 cases were reported in Colombia and 27,607 people beat Corona.

 The highest death toll yesterday was also in Brazil

 In the last 24 hours, the highest number of deaths in the world has also been reported in Brazil.  Here on Saturday, 2247 people died due to the infection.  This was followed by 1239 deaths in India, 589 in Colombia, 495 in Argentina, 466 in Russia, 248 in Indonesia and 170 in the United States.

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 Over the years, I have been confronted with a constant question from the children's mothers, 'What activity should I do at home?'  Having a child do something is born out of a desire to keep him active.  Also, many parents have a strong desire to teach their children from an early age.  The reason?  They worry that the bored child will turn his attention to the wrong things.  However, this concern is reasonable;  But to be honest, the desire to keep a child busy is born out of the Victorian mentality - from the time of the Industrial Revolution, when even adult children were seen as just a means to an end.  Being indifferent became a vice.

 To teach the child constantly.  The roots of this ideology are also in the view that the child is an empty slate or an empty jar to be filled!  Even at school the child is given very little free time i.e. breaks;  On the contrary, the sole purpose of the whole system is to keep it constantly busy.  If a child is lost in a dream in class, he is knocked down and the teacher strictly instructs him to pay attention.  But did anyone think that maybe that child was also lost in a very useful daydream?

 History is full of examples of interesting, useful and important scientific discoveries that took place when the scientist himself was either lost in a dream or in a very relaxed mood.

 Everyone will surely remember the story of Archimedes who discovered the force of an object in volume and water in a bathtub.  It is said that Newton was resting under a tree when an apple fell on him and he suddenly came to know about the law of gravity.  The molecular structure of benzene, which went on to bring much-needed advances in organic chemistry, was initially dreamed of in the caculus.  The famous Thomas Edison spent time primarily in a state between sleep and wakefulness and most of his inventions and his patents are the result of these moments.  The popular Einstein also used this same technique to gain insight into the big problem and the most important example is the mathematician Ramanujan, who discovered the complex equations of mathematics in his dream!

 So you have to know for sure what all this has to do with your child?  So listen ... its free time is very valuable for children as well as adults.  The summer holidays are a time that children look forward to all year long.  This is the time when people go for walks, to meet relatives and friends;  This time for the kids was just to relax and play.  But the epidemic has changed that.  Now most parents are looking for online courses and hobbies that can keep their child busy.  We should always encourage a certain child to learn a new hobby and a new skill;  But at the same time, it is more important that we give the child time and leisure to get lost in the daydream.

 By daydreaming I mean just relaxing and letting go of your mind so that it can come back on its own.  This is the time when the analytical brain i.e. the left side brain pauses for a while then the right side brain which is creative and imaginative becomes active and then we get deep insights and this break gives new ideas.  Is also welcome.

 The time to experience is also very limited and we are living in a time in human history where the speed of all things has been increased such as fast transport, fast food, instant information, instant messaging and instant fun.  Now there is a special need to slow down.

 Parents often feel that the child is getting bored so they fill him with activities all day long.  Mothers are constantly on the lookout for different types of courses.  My only advice to such parents is, 'Let them be bored!'  Let the children find activities that appeal to them.  A little bored so they will automatically try brainstorming and doing some research, so that their time passes.  The difference between the two is this.  As a parent you are not deciding what the child should do but the child is automatically trying to figure out what he wants to do.  In a bid to keep the child busy, you are inadvertently depriving the child of the golden opportunity to spend time with himself and discover the tools.

 The child is not an empty jar to fill.  It is a garden plant.  Does the gardener compare different plants?  Or does one push the plant to grow faster?  The gardener simply waters it and creates a favorable environment for it to grow.  Then the gardener waits patiently.  In the same way children are also absorbing a lot from this busy world.  In fact, they have become hyper-stimulated and over-stimulated due to the innovative technology of today's age.  As children absorb more and more content, they become victims of information technology.  But most of this content is in fact the cause of 'discontent'!  That is why they are becoming disillusioned with their internal resources shaped by external factors.

 They need time to assimilate and get out.  To assimilate, make sure that the children have interesting books on history, mythology, science and biographies of dignitaries.  Give them a chance to detoxify, to play, to walk in nature, to paint and gardening and most importantly to let your child make the most of this summer time to reconnect, to slow down, to curiosity and to daydream.

 So tell me, will you do this small but very effective experiment?

 All the best!

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 Veer is a 21-year-old physiotherapy student.  Veer's parents came to the doctor a while back complaining that Veer is now a little lost.  Constantly stays in the world of his own thoughts and does not even talk to anyone.  Her mother found grass-like material, paper, and cigarette butts in Veer's room.  In the last few years, Veer has also started doubting the people around him.  The production and consumption of marijuana in our society is increasing day by day.

 Some important points to know about weed

 The main substance in weed is cannabis.

 Cannabis is also the main substance of cannabis.

 Weed is rolled into a cigarette-like roll and blown.

 Weeds are also commonly called joint or stuff.

 Weed is nothing new in our society.  Substances like cannabis and hemp have been used in our society for a long time.

 Weeds provide short-term enjoyment, good sleep, and relieve fatigue.  But it is very common to be addicted to weeds for a long time, which can lead to serious illnesses such as psychosis.

 Weed has become legal in many countries.  But it is important to know whether steps have been taken in the law to control it and prevent blackmail.

 Serious effects of weeds

 Mood fluctuations

 Stay drowsy

 Not being able to pay attention

 Deterioration of learning and social life

 Psychosis (very suspicious, scary)

 What happens if we don't take it after weed addiction?  (Withdrawal)



 Shortness of breath

 Not paying attention to anything

 Feeling frustrated

 Feeling very anxious

 Mind: If someone is weeding around you, it will be in their best interest to take them to a psychiatrist immediately.  In addition, they need to be treated scientifically.

 It's complicated: Asha Bhonsle saved Sasuma for years after separating from her husband: The lush realm of green relationships

 8 days ago

 Warmth is hidden in every relationship.  Warmth ... What a beautiful, meaningful and poignant word!  Warmth means warmth.  Warmth means help, warmth means help.

 We can explain the word warmth with any other word but we do not get complete success in it.  This world runs on warmth more than it runs on air.  When the situation is the opposite, when the circumstances are difficult, when it feels dark, someone has such a magical touch that we get courage.  That is warmth.

 Everyone must have experienced warmth in life.  Life is incomplete without warmth and life becomes sweet when one gets warmth.  There are some words in Gujarati language which are difficult to translate, one of them is warmth.

 Warmth means that a bird warms its eggs.  What a wonderful thing!  Warmth causes a new birth on earth.  The mother serves the egg with warmth and a new creature is born from it.  This whole process is called warmth.  The word warmth is not the name of a thing.  The word warmth is not just the name of a state, it is a triune confluence of state, manner and love.  A broken, crushed man sits down after someone's warmth, as if he has been born again.

 Detail  નોટીફીકેશન અહિથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

ફોર્મ ભરવા માટે ના આવશ્યક દસ્તાવેજો માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ફોર્મ ભરતી વખતે અપલોડ કરવાના ડોક્યુમેન્ટ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

શાળાની યાદી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

અરજીની સ્થિતિ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

પ્રિન્ટ અરજી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

ADMIT CARD (પ્રવેશ પત્ર) માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Warmth means neither heat nor cold.  The middle position that Lord Buddha supports.  It is scorched by heat, it is scorched by cold, but it can be lived in warmth.  If the feet fall in the hot water, the boom will go away, but how nice the warm water feels!

Miss Call Hear the Story Make a Miss Call on 6357390234 and listen to the story

 There was a tradition in a village that if a new man came to live in the village, all the people of the village would go to meet this new citizen.  When he goes to meet, he carries a gift for this new citizen of the village according to his ability.  Talk to the newcomer and give him a present as he leaves.  Doing so makes the new person feel at home in the village.  Two brothers from another village came to live in this village.  All the people of the village were traditionally going to meet the family of these two brothers with gifts according to their ability.

 When a potter from the village came to meet the two brothers, he made two nice clay dolls for them and brought them as gifts.  He gave the two brothers one doll each and said, 'This is a doll made of clay, I have not been able to bake it yet.  This doll is very delicate now but if it matures it will become strong. Now it is your job to make it strong.  If you heat the doll properly, it will become stronger.

 A carpenter from the same village also came to meet the new residents of the village.  The carpenter brought two wooden dolls as gifts for the two brothers.  Gave both brothers a doll.  The doll was very nice, so one of the brothers praised the doll very much.  The carpenter said, ‘This doll looks good right now but if you don’t strengthen it properly, you won’t even like to see the doll you like so much right now.  Right now this is made from raw wood.  Steep it in water if you want to make it strong.  A wooden doll will soak in water and become stronger and look even better than it looks now. '

 All the people in the village left, so the two brothers now set about setting up their own house.  The dolls also had to be arranged but still raw and baked.  One brother set fire to a clay doll he had, and soaked the wooden doll in water.  After some time, it was seen that both the dolls became strong, one became strong by heating in fire and the other became strong by soaking in water.  The other brother thought, I don't want to do all the crap.  I want to strengthen my dolls in a different way from the world.  He soaked the clay doll in water and threw the wooden doll into the fire. After a while he saw that both the dolls were destroyed, one melted in the water and the other was burnt in the fire.

 God has also given different abilities to every human being on earth.  The Lord has made someone a clay doll and someone a wooden doll.  As a parent, you have to decide what kind of doll your child is.  Only if you can identify what your doll looks like will you be able to shape her career properly.  If your doll is made of clay and you try to throw it into the water, it will be your biggest foolishness.  The doll will not say anything, but after a while it will slowly dissolve.  This parable teaches a story that cannot be learned from a big book.

 As early as the month of June, as parents, we are worried about what kind of course we should give admission to for our children's further studies.  We go to many so-called educators for guidance and these educators advise your children for further study in a way that directly or indirectly benefits them, whether the child melts or burns!  Decide for yourself the future of your child instead of seeking the advice of sitting scholars.  If the field you choose for your children's career is their favorite and favorite field, their journey to reach the pinnacle of success will be easy but also enjoyable.  Aamir Khan's film 'Three Idiots' says a lot about this.

 It is only our delusion to have a bright career in some kind of field.  Every sector in the world has its own importance.  This society needs a good doctor or engineer as much as it needs a good poet or writer.  If the powers in a person are to be nurtured by the sixteen arts, it can be possible only and only in the field of his choice.  If you make him a doctor, he will not be happy and society will not benefit.  A very clever boy from my own village has now become an MBBS but in private he has told me many times that my father has inadvertently punished me by making me a doctor.

Miss Call Hear the Story Make a Miss Call on 6357390234 and listen to the story

 The price in this world is not of degree but of expertise.  Your value depends on your mastery.  A man with an MBA earns a salary of Rs.  Haresh Dhamelia, who lives in Gondal, has barely graduated after two trials.  But he has mastered the field of computer networking of his choice and is currently working in London with a package of Rs 90 lakh.  Std.  Krunal Patel from Rajkot, who studied in Gujarati medium till 12, was hired by Google with an annual salary of Rs 14 million.  His classmates who brought even more percent than Krunal may not have been able to get even a package of 10% of this!  Krunal was able to do this miracle because he went to his favorite field and so he had a degree as well as mastery.

 Only after examining the type of doll your child has can you decide which area to send it to.

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You have to say something cool, men’s lust ... ’and Paragbhai, who was standing at the table, started sweating,‘ Do you know this? ’

You have to say something cool, men’s lust ... ’and Paragbhai, who was standing at the table, started sweating,‘ Do you know this? ’

 Paragbhai decided that he had to make a confession.  It is not possible to speak against Kanchan.  Let me write it down on paper, it is not said when a man will fall into this corona epidemic.  A sin, a sting?

 Paragbhai sat in his room with a paper and a pen to write - 'I confess that ...'  Before Paragbhai got up, Mrs. Barsakh was seen standing and said, 'In the present day, you have sunk in the newspapers, get up.  It's half past ten, bring the vegetables.  What should I do if you don't bring vegetables?  The stone from the village stone mine? '

 After hearing so much from Mrs. Paragbhai, he said, 'Sometimes if you bring vegetables.'  Kanchanben said, 'No ... Ray .. No ... Village is village.  Let's go to the square to get vegetables. How many men are sitting there?  All stare at the waiters.  I do not like  You are also Navradhup.  Go soon, vegetable ... '

 Paragbhai came out swinging an empty bag.  I remembered, 'Yes, I went out to buy vegetables that day too, didn't I?  Sit there sinning in life.  This is not called sin.  It is a sin to deceive or take advantage of someone.  In this he is against me. '

 Stuck in a lot of thought, the chowk came right there.  He said in a vegetable accent, 'Saib, look at these green vegetables.'  There I remembered Kanchan's words, 'Take a different vegetable today.  I don't forget green spices, lemon, ginger. '  Also, Pollen's eyes fell on the pile of vegetables.  I saw Bhinda holding hands.  The lady there says, 'There is a lot of respect.  It's old, it's a little sweet. '

 'Bhindo na khavaya pitta kare, eggplant?  No, don't eat except in season, curry feels bitter. '  A babbled.  As usual, I looked at the pile of vegetables and looked at the milk.  Besides, Bai also said, 'Saib, take it, milk is like butter.'

 Paragbhai came home with vegetables.  Put a bag of vegetables on the side of the aisle.  There Mrs. Tadukya, 'did an hour.  Still have to wash vegetables.  This corona is so tired.  What was going on? '  Paragbhai kept listening.  He said in his mind, 'It doesn't take as many days.'  Mrs. turned the bag upside down in a bucket of water and said, 'What did you bring in the vegetables?  Didn't you bring the milk? '  Dudhani Dokani there!  'Hey ... Ray!  You see nothing but milk.  I don't want to eat dairy vegetables.  Dal-rice, bread are gone.  You are very fond of it and in the evening I will make milk paratha or a handful of dhokla.  Thus the milk needs to be tied on your head.  It also needs to be wrapped in some cloth and applied to the eyes. '

 Paragbhai went to the bathroom to wash his hands and feet without saying anything.  Mrs. says, 'If you want to eat, let me make some vegetables.  I will bring enough vegetables from there to Kashima in the neighborhood. '  Paragbhai says, 'Then take some for me too.'  Mrs. Chhanko said, 'Shall I go and ask for you?  You are the one who eats dal-rice and bread!  I'll do it now. '

 After a while, Kanchanben came back and said, 'I have brought Kashima's Adad dal.  I will eat lentils, bread, buttermilk, jaggery, onion ball, pickles.  You go for my share of lentils and rice. '

 'So I'm so hungry?'  Paragbhai went to speak but remembered the confession, it is called hunger!

 Paragbhai left the ground.  He took a paper pen and sat down to complete the confession.  Mrs.'s voice was heard there, 'Come here!'

 Paragbhai said, 'Speak, speak, what is the order?'

 Mrs. says, 'The monsoon has gone heavy this year.  Let's look at the gardener.  Pulses and lentils have not rotted, have they?  If the moisture is not felt, it should be heated in the scorching heat of Bhadarwa.  You hold the table.  Let me check. 'Paragbhai stood holding the table.  Mrs. spoke, 'Hush!  I didn't feel the moisture.  Let me see another two boxes.  If there is moisture, it should be heated.  I have to heat the man myself, in the scorching heat.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. '

 Paragbhai, who was standing at the table, started sweating, "Did he find out?"  The table shook.  Mrs. Joji said, 'Jojo, break Tantiya somewhere.'  Everything looked safe so Mrs. says, 'Come on, everything is fine.  I am careful not to let moisture get in the way.  Then he comes down from the table and says, 'Now make a nice fun spicy tea.  Then let’s talk spicy.  "Talk while making tea," says Paragbhai.

 Mrs. says, ‘Why are you in a hurry?  Keep calm  First make the tea so strong that Amreli is visible. 'Moreover, Paragbhai got angry and said,' Err ... I have found out!  I see you in broad daylight! '

 Then Mrs. took a sip of tea and said, 'Our street girl ....' Paragbhai found the tea bitter.  Collapsed.  Arrrrr ... this all seems to know.  It seems like there will be a big fuss before I confess somewhere.  Then he said comfortably, 'Yes, what is that?'

 "Nothing," said Mrs. further, "all the talk is that, that girl, let go, what are we?"  Paul opened the door where his father-in-law went.  There are also many big heads in our village ... 'Paragbhai asked back,' Why open the poll? '  Mrs. says, 'Whatever the reason.  Sin climbs the roof and shouts, what else.  Should all be as simple as you? '


વિશ્વ યોગ દિવસ ભાગ-1 નો વિડીયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.


આંતરાષ્ટ્રીય યોગ દિન -2021 ની ઉજવણી બાબત મહત્વપૂર્ણ લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Paragbhai was a little annoyed, 'Hush, ‌ I think this is straightforward.  If I confessed everyone's name, why didn't my name come up? '

 'You are like a man,' said Mrs., 'grab the poncho with your finger, poor girl ...' Paragbhai said in his mind, 'I did nothing.  He called me straight and held my hand. '

 Listening to Mrs. Ji's words, Paragbhai became like Ajanpa.  The girl also went to confess.  Don't even tolerate such games of men like me.  Let's do it straight.  Yes, bringing milk every day is tolerable.  If the rest of the curve comes, I will cut it like milk. '

 Listening to Mrs.'s words, Paragbhai started sweating.  Went straight into the room, tearing the half-written chubby into pieces and putting it in his pants pocket.  I will dispose of it tomorrow morning, when I go to get vegetables, hey .. Ray .. Ray .. I went to pick vegetables that day, right?  Going to get vegetables ..!

Diploma Admission after Usful STD10th

 Rohini is a 29-year-old woman working in the corporate sector.  She is married and Rohini and her husband Mahesh live in a posh area of ​​Ahmedabad and are also in a very good financial position.  During the Corona period, the work schedule of the workers was so organized that people no longer had to do any housework.  One day Rohini came to the psychiatrist.  He complained of living a very lonely life.  He told the doctor that because of this loneliness, he spends a lot of time on social media and the internet.

 Coming from work from home we have forgotten the difference between home and office and we have also forgotten the habit of putting the laptop aside when we usually come home.  In today's digital age, the question is not whether you use too much screen and the Internet?  Because who will decide who we will say too much to?

 Internet usage disorder is now increasing day by day and there is a lot of reading and research on it.  Somewhere you have not been a victim of this disorder and find out by answering the following questions ...

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 Do you spend more time online than you wanted or expected?

 Do you spend time online, compromising on household chores?

 Do you find that spending time on the Internet is more enjoyable than spending time with your partner?

 Are most of your new friends made on the Internet?

 Do your family members complain that you don't give them enough time because of the internet?

 Is your study or office work ruined by the time you spend on the Internet?

 Do you constantly check WhatsApp or Facebook before starting any work?

 Do You Think Your Life Will Be Boring Without The Internet?

 Feel overwhelmed or angry when you're offline?

 If you have the answers to 5 or more of the above 9 questions, then you have symptoms of Internet Use Disorder and you should be warned.

 One thing is for sure, using the internet is not a bad thing.  Most of the work will have to be done through the internet tomorrow if not today.  But exaggeration of anything makes us dependent on it and that is why we need to control it.

 So how can we control the growing use of the Internet in the Kovid period?

 Nowadays, every device has a 'Screen Time' app, which gives you an idea of ​​how much time you spent in which app.  Downloading this free app and deciding from its analysis that 'Yes, there is too much time in Instagram .. I will do less now.'

 Use a 'blue light filter' in each device.  Blue light prevents the formation of melatonin in our brain, which has a detrimental effect on our sleep and mental health.  That is to make sure that the blue light does not reach the eye or in the glasses.

 Even if it is difficult at the beginning, try to get people to speak their minds.  Trying to find friends in the neighborhood rather than making friends online.  So, we can have real world expectations instead of a fantasy.

 Definitely try to spend time with family and loved ones.  So, we have access to media other than the Internet of pleasure.

 Mind: It is important to realize that the Internet is a fantasy world.  Normal life will not feel bad or boring if we accept that.