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Saturday, May 8, 2021


 There is another theory that the corona virus, which caused an epidemic in the world and killed about 3.2 million people, originated in Wuhan. According to the Journal of Molecular Biology and Evolution, the first case of Saver Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was first reported from Wuhan, China, followed by an outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Wuhan. Curry was spread all over the world. Studies have also tracked its various forms since the onset of the epidemic.

What was said in the research and published reports

Genomic sequencing has been created using hundreds of samples of viral genomics. Researchers have made the best use of these sequences to find out how viruses mutate over time and in different areas. Scientific research has also revealed that the Covid-19 was not accidentally discovered in the Chinese weight market. Was, but it was specifically leaked from Wuhan’s lab.
On the other hand, according to Nicholas Wade, a longtime contributor to Science magazine and the New York Times, there is evidence to support the lab leak of the corona virus from the Wuhan lab. This evidence is based on two possibilities. Covid-19 is a naturally occurring epidemic from animals, another theory leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
According to Chinese officials, the first theory is that SAARC-Cove-2 originated from bats. Authorities have tested 80,000 animals. Of course, the SAARC transition from bats to humans spread in 2002. But in Covid-19, scientists have not found any intermediate that has spread the infection to humans.

Wade also questioned the information provided by the Chinese government. If Covid-19 had a place in the Wuhan Wet Market, why didn’t it spread to any other Wet Market and then no case was registered there. Also, if the epidemic had spread naturally in Wuhan, why didn’t it spread to other places as well?

In addition, many such theories clearly show that Corona is a lab-leaked theory. It is no longer a secret that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been conducting research on the corona virus. It was Wuhan’s scientists who created the special corona virus, which was the most effective infecting human cells.
The screen for the corona virus, SARS-COV-2, was born in Wuhan, which has claimed 3 million lives worldwide today.
In 2018, two years before the outbreak of the epidemic in the world, US State Department officials visited Wuhan facilities and warned the federal government that Wuhan facilities lacked trained technicians and investigators.

Dr. Xi Zhengli, head of a research project on the corona virus, also admitted in an earlier interview with Science magazine that his work was performed at a lower safety level than required.
What other experts have to say
Experts have been briefed on this by the American National Public Radio (NPR). According to David Faith, a former adviser on Asia, the introduction of the corona virus from Wuhan and the fact that there is a laboratory in Wuhan to conduct research on the virus cannot be a coincidence. Faith was one of the people who paid special attention to Wuhan in the year 2019 when the epidemic broke out.


WHO report
From Wuhan, the Corona spread rapidly throughout the world, and the nations of the world focused on controlling the epidemic there. Under these circumstances, it was difficult to obtain information on the origin of the virus. But in late March, the WHO met with Beijing to prepare a report on the origin of the virus, saying that the spread of the corona virus from the lab was a rumor and not possible.

Awesome! The dog got so caught up in the buffelo's horns that everyone went out of business

 Awesome! The dog got so caught up in the buffelo's horns that everyone went out of business

How did the life of an innocent animal survive not by force but by tax ..

ગરીબ કા lockdown વાયરલ વિડીયો અહીંથી જુઓ

Hello friends why today is so different and current news and have fun and below is the information and video given below and share more and more. Here is the funny news about a dog getting trapped in a buffalo horn and here is a video of people working hard to get a dog out of a buffalo horn.

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Gujarat Various Nagarpalika Recruitment 2021 Job Details:


Gujarat Various Nagarpalika Recruitment 2021 Job Details:

Posts: Safai Kamdar 

Educational Qualification

  • STD 3rd Pass, Read & Write also

Selection Process: 

  • Candidates will be selected based on an interview.

How to Apply ?: 

  • Eligible candidates may send their application & necessary documents to the given address in the advertisement.

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Information of the school keeping file

Information of the school keeping file

Due to the training module 4 in the teaching teaching process, the racial education in the teaching process, the date -13/10/2020 received the understanding of various issues of timely devotional training module Ch-4 by initiation platform and bisig broadcast on Tuesday. Jendender sensation Apart from this, Gender and his molecule in the school education process was given a nice understanding of the Gender and its molecules .There was a two different concept of Gender and gender .The understanding was given by the birth of the child and the understanding of social difference among male and women. Then the understanding of activity related to activity related to different subjects .The, we got a very interesting understanding of various issues, which we get very interesting understanding. As a teacher, what I should do in my classroom as well as in school is as follows. (1) Tourism should be detected gender differences in school activity. (2) A competent environment should be made, where all students, including girls can exchange their existing experiences. (3) By studying languages such as gender related languages such as Gender prejudice. (4) As a teacher I will teach the girls simple and interesting way to the girls so that this trash removes. (5) Examples of special ways given to the contribution given by women in the effects of environment and life effects. Thus, by various activities could be obtained by the knowledge of Jendkical Affairs .The, I will use this module in the school classroom by nice fun activities of different dialogues. Thus, under the training of devotion, obtained a lot of information about Gender Education in this module. Thanks to ICT integration in Disthanty Training Module-5 Teaching-Answers and analysis. Today's date 14/10/2020 is the beginning of the module -5 training by the initiation platform on Wednesday, in which the ICT integration on the topic of the ICT coordination in teaching-teaching and evaluation, such as ICT, ICT is? Understand, Queen, Q. How does the understanding of ICT, questions, understanding, giving a very nice and activity to give the activity and responses. It is important that it is very important to understand the form of content to know the field of ICT. The use of ICT can be used in the school as well as the classroom teaching work. (1) In this module, ICT has been used in many examples and understanding. I have studied well. And I will need to use it in the school class. (2) There are media related to ICT in my school such as TV, computer, mobile, projector etc. will be used in academic operations. (3) Using the ICT will also make efforts to know them more interest in education. (4) Currently, I'm using ICT in my school in Kovid-19. (5) In this module, planning in the situation given in the situation, will be used by planning a period of time. (6) The image given in the module will be aware of the understanding of the understanding of the information that has its information. Thus, ICT can play an important part in education by this module. So that I will use it in my school as well as in the classroom.

 Apart from this, ICT will also use various activities, learning-oriented methods, online teaching etc. Thus, the understanding of ICT by this module, learning very nice information by activities as well as Quiz. Thank youthly training module-6 art integrated education. Today Date 16/10 / 2020 by Baptism Platform on Friday as well as Biogag Broadcasting. Model-6 "Art Integrated Education 'is one of the first reading by reading. The art integrated education is a learning model. The art of teaching is based on education .The art introduction of art-integrated education, organized, art-compiled education in children (1) Planning the units of curriculum in activities to be followed in school. (2) The information of the website will try to prepare educational literature in a way that children are useful. And the classroom and school children will benefit from it. (3) Teaching-Anthrophanas work will make efforts to be chirmed and interesting. (4) Art Integrated Subject Education, such as connection with English art will be informed. Thus, I will use the above issues as a compiled education in my classroom. Thus, the importance of art education is very interesting by the module-6 "Art Integrated Education '. Thanks to the devotional training module - 7" School-based evaluation' Territory Date 20 / 10/20 20 Tuesday Platform as well as Bisig Broadcast An understanding we got through the following issues. Introduction to the objective, subject catalog, schooling universal evaluation, What is the schoolpurpatrium evaluation?, SBA's concept, self-evaluation, contemplation, personal study assessment, group study evaluation, classmate evaluation, criteria form, director etc. * I will use school based evaluation modules in my classroom. (1) During the evaluation of the school basis, students will develop the tools to develop a regular students. (2) In order to order the office, the evaluation of children will do regular and alert. (3) Note the changes made by teaching in the development and education in its life development. (4) The child will consistently and comprehend with the proper format of teaching benevols. (5) Apart from academic, its holistic evaluation will also be placed out. Check out its other powers verifying the empties inside it. (6) Each of the classrooms will be able to observe and evaluate the observation and evaluation process of studying on the basis of the standard and age limit. (7) Only written will also note the evaluation of oral and their creative things. (8) School and classroom criteria form will observe the achievement of the achievement of teaching impatience. Thus, keep in mind the above issues and use it in the classroom. Module-7 "School-based Appraisal" is known as a nice information by video as well as the Video Training Module-8 Environmental Studying pedagogy Today's Date 21/10/2020 on Wednesday on Wednesday, on Wednesday, and Biogag Broadcasting Module -8 "Environmental Study * Using the child in the classroom in the classroom as a teacher, the use of the methodology of the system. (1) The environmental methodology will be used on the basis of the model of Lee. (2) Regardless of the child who comes from the area, will try to compatibility of educational prohibitions. From the child can easily understand. (3) Mistake in accordance with the subject of environment. (4) Children can be combined with social as well as a natural environment and try to achieve academic learning impatients in its coherence. (5) Provide environmental matters dialogue within the school prayer activity. (6) Activities such as planting, will make efforts to develop children's intimacy. Thus, in mind the above issues, the school and the classroom will be used in the school as well as the module - 8 "environmental study pedagogians' awareness of the environment in children, how much interest, the activity can be very nice. Wishony training modu-9" In short, the mathematics system, gained a lot interesting to understand the interest of the learning activity. In my classroom, M. Moday-9 "Mathematics' in the school will be used below. (1) High primary levels will be able to develop the module based activities to develop a concept of understanding of the basic process of mathematics. (2) Sikhs during the modual reading period Thus, consider the above issues, and use this module in the classroom. Thus, there is a very nice information by the mobile and bisag broadcast in Mo Dowel-9 "Methodology 'in a different information by a different information and activities. Devotional training Modyul-10" Social Science' Social Science 'Today Date 26/10/2020 Mon * As the teacher in the classroom, I will use this Model-10 "Social Science'Script 'as follows. (1) Pragmatic utility and teaching of social science subject will be focused for impatient and developing. (2) Children are interested in social science subjects and children try yourself - Language education system understanding of teaching education under language education, understanding and examples of intentions and examples, and examples of all language, with language, the language of the language, the importance of the modification, the importance of language, understanding, understanding, language and its introduction, regional speaking, language After that, the introduction of language education, introduction of language education, introduction of language supporting art, development criteria, writing skills, activity, contemplation responses, multi-true, views, as well as use, research, understanding of teaching skills, and comprehension, research, understanding of teaching skills, research, understanding, art, art. * As a teacher in the classroom, I will use the Model-11 "Language Methodology '. (1) Language education within the school function is a very important thing, because language education will be suitable for all these learning impotents and communication and communication and child easily understand the practical setup We will use in my classroom as well as in school. "We get very nice information by the Model of the Mistakinology, which we get interesting ways. Due to the training module-12" science of science 'Medicine Day 28/10/2020 on Wednesday on Wednesday * In the classroom and the use of "science of science 'in the school and the system of science' will be used below. (1) In the context of the module, children will understand the importance of science subject in schoolroom school activities and develop the activity of use in practical life. (2) Under the effect of teaching To specify the integration of school leadership and tried to develop and explain the leadership and teaching in the teacher.-The teacher who plays the first major role in the primary school, and continued to do not marving the Varan of the school, and the school leader and The field of leadership becoming the dominant, has received an extended understanding of real and indirect learning disorders and school-based evaluation etc. * As a classroom teacher I will use the following topics using the Model-13 "School Leadership". (1) Try to develop leadership qualities by self-identifying self-identifying and undertaking school. (2) Students will also make the right activities and efforts to develop leadership qualities. (3) Studies from the module will try to develop leadership issues in the classroom. (4) Developed a pair attitude with the school level. (5) Kids will encourage children to lead in prayer meeting, class management. (6) Will organize different activities at school level and give leadership opportunities. (7) At school level, save or guidance at the time of planning, other competitions. (8) At the school level any student has initiated the initiative within any matter, such as good things, if a student is accepted, immediately, the first box will be encouraged and encouraging the qualities that make it helpful. Thus, it will be used to keep the above all issues, they will try, thus, Module-13 "in school leadership" really got to know me very nice. Devotional Training Module - 14 "Initiative in School Education" Territory Date 23/11/20 On Monday, the following issues in Modul-14 "School Education Initiative by Live Broadcasting" in the MODULE-14 "Initiative in Monday. - Introduction to the initiative of the initiative of the Initiative of School Education, the best practices of the entire punishment, components, states and central ruled regions, the new approach in the Mid Day Bhajan, as well as observation, content, conceptuality, explanation, school education, studying, video writing, After that by Besig Broadcasting, youth clubs, cultural and environmental initiatives, textbooks, ganesha and transportation of the school management committee, the Central Standard, Statistical Information, the Future of the Capaciti Building * Using the Modyul-14 "School Education Initiative" as a teacher in the classroom. (1) In the school education initiatives, the school level will induce children from new trends related to education in different programs. (2) A combination of children with new-new approaches at school. (3) Trying to be continuously trying to train different technical approaches to the school level. (4) In this module, the newly learned education-oriented information will be present in this module. (5) An introduction to other states educational approaches will be implemented at the school level. Thus, the information found in this module will make efforts properly used at the school level. Thus, MODYUL-14 "Initiative of School Education", learning about innovative educational approaches and education of other states related to education. Devotional training Modyul-15 "Pre-Primary Education" Today 24/11/20 On Tuesday, on Tuesday, the following issues in MoDule -15 "pre-primary education" in mobile, by Baisag Broadcasting in mobile. - What is pre-primary education? Why is it important? How does the child learn? What kind of education does the children's all-round development need? The introduction of things like this module received by this module requirements of pre-primary education, important understanding, contemplation of childhood, note of the teaching time, learning and understanding of the fields of education and development areas, explanation, pre-primary education studies, the atmosphere beautiful Subsequently, with the pre-primary education by Baisag Broadcasting, understanding of physical development, social, emotional development, constructive arts and expression language development, and early literacy. - The tools and linguistics of the subject of the topic of pre-primary education, duration, duration * Use "pre-primary education" as a teacher in the classroom as follows. (1) Due to the specification of pre-primary education, children will introduce prejudice and predictions to children. (2) When working in class work, children come from the atmosphere, understood them on the basis of their social environment, learning the importance, explain the importance of the surrounding area and connect children with pre-primary education. (3) The guardian will encourage it. (4) Children will be associated with the teaching songs, learning songs in pre-primary education, in the primary department based on the stories. (5) In addition to class work, education work, prayer meetings, more stories, songs, acting songs from acting songs will be interesting. (6) Whatever is learned in pre-primary education, will increase the field and children will try to make stories, songs on its own basis of originality. Thus, all the issues learned by pre-popreath education will try to deliver to my classroom. Thus, many information learned in the beginning of education through pre-primary education. Devotional training module -16 "East Professional Education" is written in the writing of the next 1 to 15 modules under the training of allegiance. Now the date of this year receives 25/11/2020 "pre-Professional education" by broadcasting the initiation app and bisig on Wednesday on Wednesday. The division of the professional education program and organizing a lesson for the benefits and activities, explanation through the website education and the introduction of their introduction, the complete explanation of all forms and levels of the educational process, the definition of the methodology and levels, the definition of professional education, the definition of professional education * The use of module-16 "pre-business education" as a teacher in the classroom teacher. (1) Developed a sense of commercial education at the school level and gar the children's information. (2) The importance of professional matters within the school activity, will present the improvement events to the development of the importance of professional introduction. (3) Anyone in daily prayer activity will organize the activity to inform children about any one occupation. (4) In the current situation, will also be planned to prevent the interest of children's work on the workday. (5) Different-different skill-oriented ITIs developed an understanding of the school level and introduction of the necessary qualifications and education of education. (6) Plans training of different skills in school. (7) Developed a labor policy by regularity, work at school level. Thus, "former professional" activity will make efforts to connect to children with professionals. Thus, module-16 "pre-occupation education" by pre-business education in standard 6 to 8, Eye. Tea. Eye gained a nice understanding of skill. Denity Training Modyul- 17 "School Education Challenges in Cavid -19's situation" Territory Date 26/11/20 on Thursday on Thursday MODULE-11 "Challenges of School Education in Covid 19th position by Bisig Broadcasting First of all, understanding, content outline of this topic, introduction of school education, caution activity during the epidemic, which type of good education in reference to Covid, is to ensure safe schools, in a separate-based activities * In my classroom as well as Modyul-17, "Covid-19 challenges in the situation in the situation" will be used as follows that the situation is currently running. (1) In the situation of currently running Coovid -19, the first school, office, classrooms, grounds, each other in the school, office, classrooms, grounds, and the school is all senitized, reporting the phone to children. (2) Covid-19 understanding, awareness and understanding of its symptoms, will deliver the video to children. (3) In my classroom meeting arrangement arranged in the spiral in mind. (4) In school and in the classroom, the school safety committee will encourage children to give their understanding. (5) There is a chance to cope with this situation, keeping cautions to remove those who are afraid of kovid -19 in children. (6) Arrange the equipment under this situation in school. (7) Will call the child in the school as a batch and repeatedly hand cleaning, mask compulsory etc. will be tightened to the rules of the Coavid -19. Thus, under this module, currently running in the Covide 19 1999 information about the activities of many new information as well as the videos. Today's date 26/11/20 On Thursday, the following issues gained understanding of the following topics in the Module -1 "Covid 19 in the status of Bisag 19 by Bisag Broadcasting on Thursday. First of all, understanding, content outline of this topic, introduction of school education, caution activity during the epidemic, which type of good education in reference to Covid, is to ensure safe schools, in a separate-based activities * In my classroom as well as Modyul-17, "Covid-19 challenges in the situation in the situation" will be used as follows that the situation is currently running. (1) In the situation of currently running Coovid -19, the first school, office, classrooms, grounds, each other in the school, office, classrooms, grounds, and the school is all senitized, reporting the phone to children. (2) Covid-19 understanding, awareness and understanding of its symptoms, will deliver the video to children. (3) In my classroom meeting arrangement arranged in the spiral in mind. (4) In school and in the classroom, the school safety committee will encourage children to give their understanding. (5) There is a chance to cope with this situation, keeping cautions to remove those who are afraid of kovid -19 in children. (6) Arrange the equipment under this situation in school. (7) Will call the child in the school as a batch and repeatedly hand cleaning, mask compulsory etc. will be tightened to the rules of the Coavid -19. Thus, under this module, currently running in the Covide 19 1999 information about the activities of many new information as well as the videos. Devotional Training Module - 18 "CSA and Posco" Today 27/11/20 on Friday, by the initiating platform and bisag broadcast by Biogag broadcasting by Biasig Broadcasting in the Mobile-18 ". This is the following topics. (1) In my classroom and school children will be informed to give a POCSO Act. (2) The children will give the chance to get the child's right to understand his child's right. (3) CHILDINE - 1098 The video is to create a video, encourage it to take advantage of this service at the time of the crisis. (4) The understanding of child abuse, will not be informed of the kind of discussion and the use of technical equipment. (5) The children will be informed with the child's sexual abuse word and do not make it turn to the end. I will make efforts. (6) Familiar with the protection of children against sexual crimes and give insight through the video of the prevention of POCSO ACT - 2012 and CSA. Apart from this, this module in my classroom - 18 pocso act - 2012 Great Special Information will try to deliver up to my children. This module- 18 is very useful for our children who get to know a lot of information. Thus, in the devotional training module 1 to 18, each of us found in the classroom in the classroom in the classroom as well as in our classroom in the classroom, which I will try to take to the school level at the school level. Thus, there is a joke and fun atmosphere with knowledge being present in eighteen day's devotional training.

Information of the school keeping file

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