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HNGU CCC Exam Candidates List / Hall Ticket 03/05/2017 & 06/05/2017

HNGU CCC Exam Candidates List / Hall Ticket 03/05/2017 & 06/05/2017

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Examination Schedule CCC Examination : 2016
Batch No.Examination DateExamination Time Seat No. RangeDownload List
15906/05/20172:30 P.M.170300901-170300950Batch-159
15806/05/201710:30 A.M.170300851-170300900Batch-158
15705/05/20172:30 P.M.170300801-170300850Batch-157
15605/05/201710:30 A.M.170300751-170300800Batch-156
15504/05/20172:30 P.M.170300701-170300750Batch-155
15404/05/201710:30 A.M.170300651-170300700Batch-154
15303/05/20172:30 P.M.170300601-170300650Batch-153
15203/05/201710:30 A.M.170300551-170300600Batch-152
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