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Monday, September 14, 2020



Important Educational News Updates Of Date:-14/09/2020 are Below. 
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700 seats increased, 4 colleges closed, 220 seats reduced, two colleges closed in MBA-MCA in the state, 14 new colleges approved in MBA, 50, MBA MCA 

»TY colleges are available this year. Provisional registration in MBA has been given 104 in MCA due to pending results. MBA seats were found for a total of 1913 seats in MCA. Every year till the 1st vacancy of seats is registered by the Provisional Admissions Committee. Students who have not finally started the examination after passing the CMET examination can also get admission registration allotted till 1st October. Was. Surprising Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad will run. MBA - The point in MCA is that in a state where the seats have been vacated despite the vacancies, only MBA students in the state who have registered for 12 MBA this year are registering for admission in new colleges. Due to the Corona epidemic, the current registration process has started for a total of 200 seats and the situation is such that Gujarat University has increased. 17 new colleges have been given. In the current year, T.Y. On the other hand, two MBA colleges have been closed and 18 new colleges have been sanctioned in the MBA. In MCA also about 500 have been started by giving 6. But there are still many results left after completion. These colleges have been closed. Admission seats have increased. Against which the result of TY in the university is pending. The registration of students has been given by the committee for registration as there is a long MBA of 2 and MCA of 2. The situation has arisen. The number of registrations has come down after the committee received the results of TY and the reduction of 30 seats in MCA in the state. Importantly, MBA-Colleges and MCAs are likely to increase even if more than 3 TY results are not forthcoming.

Last year's scholarship not found in Mukhyamantri Swavalamban Yojana. Problem of how to pay the first installment. Instruction to pay fees in Swanirbhar Medical till September. Parents are in trouble.  Students who have taken admission by the end of September have been instructed to pay the fee installment to pay the fee and have to wait for the money to come from this scheme.  On the other hand, there is the benefit of Mukhyamantri Sahay Yojana.  According to the parents, the students who got admission with the help of the state government have not yet received the last year's scholarship installment of MYSY in the last semester and this and the girls' education scholarship money has not been paid to the parents of the students yet.  The complaint that there is a big problem in this situation has come out by September 30.  The problem of self-reliant medical colleges in the state has arisen over how parents pay fees.  To reduce most of the fees the parents have been urgently given scholarships by the government parents in the scheme for the last several years now.  Most recently the first installment of the total fee has been paid by the end of September.  Debts of scholarships have been ordered if this is held.  If the parents ask for money, they can pay the fee of lakhs of rupees in the self-reliant medical by September, but if they do not get it, they have to pay for the parents.  There is a big problem when it comes to paying fees in installments.  In the coming days also, some guardians ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1 lakh are expected to submit representations to the government on this issue.  The parents have also started preparing to make money


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