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Advertisement (Fifth Round) Selection Committee for Recruitment of Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Staff, Commissioner's Office of Schools, Block No. 3/1, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan Gandhinagar, (5th Round in pursuance of the announcement dated 12/06/2017.

regarding selection of Education Assistant in Non-Government Aided Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools) : GH / SH / 4 / BMS - 1108-1904 - G and Declaration No. of 3/4/2018: GH / SA / 2 / BMSH / 1104/1903 / G as well as non-compliance of the State as per the standing resolutions and provisions of the Government. The recruitment process for the selection of teaching assistants in the subsidized secondary and higher secondary schools (Gujarati and English medium) has been completed from 1st to 5th round with the announcement dated 17/06/2018. Out of the vacancies of Education Assistants included in the recruitment process, out of the vacancies after 1 to 2 rounds.

Dated 12418/2018. Pursuant to the judgment of 15/06/2017, the fifth (5) round of the recruitment process is to be carried out. - 1) Posted on website. Candidates mentioned in the list call letter for verification of their qualifying marks / certificates on the website Will be able to download. Whose relatives should take note. Candidates who are absent on the date and time indicated in the call letter in the document verification as well as those who have not downloaded the call letter wish to relinquish their claim under the fifth round of the said recruitment process. The presentation will also not be considered. Of which special note. Special Note: - Candidates with merit equal to or greater than the merit of the candidates mentioned in the list of candidates to be posted on the website Yes, but due to change in their merit, the school allotment could not be done till today. By 12:10 hours Secondary Branch, Commissioner Schools Office, Block-2/1 Dr. The application has to be submitted in person at Jivraj Mehta Bhavan along with all the valid supporting evidence. Applications sent by post, courier or any other means will not be considered.

Proceedings will be conducted as per rules on this submission. Any submission made after this time limit will not be considered. Detailed information / instructions regarding the advertisement will be posted on the website on 21/06/2050. As well as for further instructions (PML-2, objection application. Final merit list, venue selection, etc.), the concerned candidates should visit the above website regularly. Secondary) Gu.Ra, Gandhinagar

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