Saturday, September 19, 2020

Make the future of the wife safe by opening an account in this scheme of Modi government, there will be big income every month


Make the future of the wife safe by opening an account in this scheme of Modi government, there will be big income every month

An important miss, which will not cost any money, but will be a huge relief to the poor is to stop Aadhaar-based biometric authentication at the time of lifting their grain. It is a source of exclusion and has been shown to have no impact on improving the functioning of the PDS. Aadhaar attendance was stopped for central government employees about two weeks back (due to risk of community transmission). Why not for PDS beneficiaries?

For organised sector workers, Sitharaman announced that the government will pay the employee provident fund (EPF) contribution of both the employer and employee for the next three months. This will be applicable for all entities that have upto 100 employees, and 90 per cent of whose employees earn less than 15,000 per month. 

Hence, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account can be termed among best investment plan for a girl child. If you are planning to make an investment in this plan, than choose your investment amount wisely in order to avail best benefit.

It will not be easy, but it is feasible. The system is in place, it is a matter of scaling up the distribution. One problem is that the private dealers who are running PDS shops in many states may try to take advantage of the confusion to siphon off some of the extra rations. To avoid this, it is extremely important to ensure that people are clear about the new entitlements. Distribution will have to be tightly supervised. Further, strict action will have to be taken against corrupt dealers, instead of treating them with kid gloves as normally happens. All the anti-corruption safeguards will need to be tightened.

You can deposit Rs. Every month or every year in NPS account as per your convenience. He can open an NPS account in his wife's name even for Rs.1000. Under the new rules, you can run an NPS account until you are 65 years old.
Possible monthly income up to 45 thousand.
For example, your wife is 30 years old and you invest Rs 5,000 per month in her NPS account. If you get a 10 per cent annual return on investment, he will have a total of Rs 1.12 crore in his account at the age of 60. He will get about Rs 45 lakh in it. In addition, you will get a pension of around Rs 45,000 per month. This pension will be given to them for life.
Find out how much pension you will get
Age - 30 years
Total investment duration - 30 years
Monthly Contribution - Rs
Estimated return on investment - 10%
Estimated return on investment - 10%

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