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2021 holidays information bay news report

 2021 holidays information bay news report

This summer vacation, I went to my maternal grandmother's house where I had a lot of fun, my maternal grandfather would take me to play in the garden in the morning and when I would come in the evening, I would bring a lot of chocolate and ice cream.  There I also made some new friends with whom I used to play everyday.

 I also went there on my small picnic which was very exciting for me, during the last days of the holidays I came home and did school work.  This summer vacation was the most memorable moment for me.

The mind gets excited thinking about summer holidays, I love summer holidays very much.  We children wait all year long for these summer holidays.

 Just a few days later, summer vacation is about to happen. My fellow classmates are planning to go to the hill and cold places this summer.

 But I cannot go to any other place because my father has a lot of work in the office.  Therefore, I will spend my holidays doing good work.  Finally, the day has come since school holidays.

 I play very well with my friends in the morning and evening, but due to the heat, the afternoon time passes and we are unable to play outside.

 We were taught in school that the reason for the increasing heat is that the number of trees is steadily decreasing, so I am thinking that by using this time holiday, along with my friends who will help them to grow trees in the area around our house.  Apply

 For this my friends also joined me and we have planted saplings in the entire colony, which has made the whole environment green.

 Seeing this, the people of the entire colony have organized a small picnic in which I and my friends had a lot of fun, in this way, I enjoyed the time with pleasure and made the atmosphere clean and beautiful during the summer holidays.

This summer vacation was very memorable because this time our whole family went to Ooty city of Tamil Nadu to celebrate summer vacation.  Dad had prepared for this about 1 month in advance, he had booked the train ticket.

 Traveling by train is a different fun because the train passes through the fields, fields, jungle, mountains etc. which makes it very enjoyable to watch and the journey is also comfortable.  We played Antakshari to spend time in the train journey which was very enjoyable.

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 Dad was telling us the names of the cities and villages coming in between, and he was also telling about the tradition and culture there, which I found very interesting to know.  It was a very exciting journey because along with it, education was also being provided.

 After about 2 days we reached the city of Ooty, it was very different compared to other cities.  The lush green idols here fascinate the mind.  Ooty city is one of the major tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu.  We stayed here for about 1 week.

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