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A beautiful sound that touches the bird


A beautiful sound that touches the bird

  The sky is really from birds.  There are 9500 kinds of birds worldwide.  Currently many species of birds have disappeared and many are on the verge of extinction.  Let's know 20 interesting information about birds.

 1. Which bird does not live on a tree?

 Answer: Tithari always stays on the ground.  However, ostrich, penguin, amu, ostrich and kiwi can also be included.

 2. Which bird dies by touching?

 Answer: Titani

4.What is the most intelligent bird?

 Answer: Crow  The five birds, however, are considered the most intelligent, parrot, myna, eagle, pigeon and crow.  Parrots and mynas can be taught the language of humans in a few days, whereas in ancient times, hawks and pigeons used to carry messages from one place to another.  On the other hand, buoy birds found in the Philippine fill and hang fireflies around their ghouls for light.  Only an intelligent bird can do such a thing.  It is noteworthy that a brown male parrot named Pradool which is found in Africa is the most talkative parrot.  Pigeon is able to see ultraviolet rays.

 5.What is the smallest bird in the world?

 Answer: Humming bird is considered the smallest bird.  Its heart beats 615 times in a minute and it is also able to fly in the opposite direction of the wind.  The humming bird is also capable of flying backwards.

 6. Which bird flies at the highest altitude?

 Answer: Swan and cranes are named but vulture is also not very weak, it can fly at an altitude of 11274 meters.  Gurud is also capable of flying at the same altitude.

 7. Which bird flies at the fastest speed?

 Answer: The Peregrine Falcon can fly at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour while the Duck Hawk can fly at a speed of about 180 mph.  However the speed of eagle and vulture is also very fast.

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 8. The sound of which bird does not fly at all.

 Answer: Bats

 9. Which birds wake up at night and sleep during the day?

 Answer: Owls and bats

 10. A bird's eye is the fastest.

 Answer: The eagle has very sharp eyes, he sees the position of the rat clearly from the height of a Mir

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