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After Diwali by Education UnionMatter of continuing school Today's letter


After Diwali by Education UnionMatter of continuing school Today's letter

Gujarat Vidyapeeth was founded by Mahatma Gandhi on October 14, 1920.  It is located in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.  The purpose of its establishment was to free Indian youth from slavery of the British.  Gandhiji understood this well that the purpose of Britain's colonial education policy created by Macaulay was to prepare human resources (clerks?) For the oppressive British Empire.  Gandhiji established this school with the aim of preparing the youth for national reconstruction and Hindu Swaraj.

Under it, there is a provision for nursery education and 11-year primary secondary education, which is divided into nursery school, basic primary school and post basic high school.  In this, hand-spinning is the main weaving and sewing secondary craft.  There is a provision of 'Vineet' (equivalent to matriculation) course for the students who do not want to go to high school after passing the final examination of primary education (class 7).  This education mainly prepares teachers for primary schools in rural and tribal areas.

Mahadev Desai Samaj Seva College is running under this.  This is a resident college.  Admission to this college can be taken on the basis of 'Vineet' examination or its equivalent examination.  On completion of the three-year undergraduate course, one gets the title of 'Samaj Vidya Visharad' (Bachelor on Social Sciences).

 Savasi community life and at least two and a half hours daily agriculture, wood art and hand-spinning-weaving crafts are an essential part of this program.  Under the guidance of teachers, students manage all the tasks related to them.  By doing actual field work for two hours a day for a year, and staying in rural institutions for 100 days, they get real training in doing various types of social work.  By doing field work, small research management is also to be done on a socio-economic problem.  From 5 am to 10 pm, students are busy in various tasks including group prayer, group cleaning, preparing food.

 The postgraduate degree of sociology is 'Samaj Vidya Prantit', which is given on writing a research management under the direction of an inspector on a socio-economic problem.

 For regular students, the system of 'mastery' degree (masters degree) is in the subjects of rural economics, social leadership science, Gujarati, Hindi and social work.  There is also a system of intensive training in social work which on completion has got the title of Social Work.  In addition, there is also a provision of a Masters degree course for philosophy and comparative religion (including specialization in Gandhi philosophy).  PhD in Gujarati, Sanskrit, Hindi, Rural Economics, History and Culture, Peace Research.  There is also a facility to do.

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