Wednesday, November 4, 2020

America election 2020 Live update


America election 2020 Live update

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American citizens voted to decide who would hold the power of America, one of the world's largest powers.  Voting is over in many states.  The vote is taking place to elect the 46th president of the United States amid the Corona virus epidemic crisis.  In this election battle, the Democratic Party candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is challenging the current President Donald Trump from the Republican Party.  Voting began in the US at 3.30 pm Indian time (6 am US time).  Counting has started in many places and there is a contest between the two.  It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump again becomes the President of the United States or the chair will go to Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

 The results of the initial voting have started coming up.  US President Donald Trump has won in Indiana.  At the same time, Kentucky, Virginia and South Carolina are far ahead of Biden.  American Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is leading in Texas, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire and has won in Vermont.  This information has been revealed by the US media.

 President Donald Trump's victory in Indiana is coming to light.  The state is the home state of Vice President Mike Pence and usually wins Republican Party.  However, in 2008, Barack Obama had a close victory.  Indiana has 11 electoral college votes.

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There is still little time left for the US election to end.  In the meantime, Joe Biden tweeted that as polls are ending in some parts of the country, remember to stay in line.  If you are queuing up at your polling place before the end of voting, you are able to vote. '

 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has paid less attention to the Midwestern states and has focused more on states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where Trump suffered a setback in 2016.  Biden has also focused heavily on Florida, where Trump would likely lose the electoral battle if he turned to the Democratic Party.

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