Thursday, November 5, 2020

Children speech all language useful bolo learning application

 Children speech all language useful bolo learning application

Today, due to science and technology, many tools have developed.  Because of this, the life of man has been made easy and simple.  If science and technology do not progress, then our lives are very painful.

 We have to do a lot of hard work for every task.  Today science has made many inventions.  Man is benefiting from it.  Today there are technologies all around us.

Today, technology developed the means of mobile phones, TVs, computers, internet, washing machines, water draining motors, ships, trains, etc.  Due to other types of medicines, medical devices have made it possible to treat people.

With the help of today's technology, every human work is going to be done easily.  Technology has developed in every field and has made human life accessible.

 In the agricultural sector, more production is being started with the help of technology.  Various types of machines have developed due to technology.

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We all need food to live our lives.  All of its people have to depend on agriculture.

 But today due to technology, agricultural equipment has developed.  Because of which it has become possible for the farmer to do farming.  Like tractor helps the farmer in farming.

Today, technology is also being used in education sector.  Smart classes have been started for children.  Children are taught through it.

 Today, with the help of computer and internet, every student can find the answer to any question in a few seconds.

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