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Download stylish text application Impress your friends by writing in style


Download stylish text application Impress your friends by writing in style

As much as the smartphone gives us convenience, it also becomes a problem for us, but it happens when you do a lot of downloading, browsing or file sharing from your phone, then the phone becomes a victim of virus without your knowledge.  

The result is that the phone slows down.  The speed is sometimes low or sometimes is fast.  The ads appear when you open the app.  Repeatedly, your mobile prompts to update, but you still do not understand what Manjra is.  So let us tell you how you can get rid of it.

 After restarting the smartphone, go to the device settings option of the phone.  You will see such apps which are installed in your phone as well as running viruses.  If you see a virus, uninstall it.  There are some viruses in which uninstall is not available.

 Reboot your smartphone to safe mode, by doing so the third party apps running in your phone and the viruses that are running, stop the direct.  In some phones, this option comes from pressing and holding the power button for a while.

 After removing the unwanted app from your phone, restart the phone once again in normal mode, if you do this, the phone will run faster and the virus will also run.  Many phones have low RAM, in such a way, users install antivirus in their smartphone and after scanning the virus, uninstall it.

 In such a situation, go to the settings in the device administrator and delete them.  By going to the device administrator, you will see such a complete list of installed apps, which are of your use.  Uninstall those which are not useful.  For this, on the window on the screen, you will also have to select the option of Deactivate.

Your smart phone remains connected to the Internet at all times and this is just one reason why there is always a risk of virus in it.  Sometimes viruses can also reach your smart phone due to hackers.

 It is often advised that if there is a virus, then your smart phone will have to be factory reset so that it can be completely removed.

 The problem with resetting the factory is that all your data-games, photos, messages are erased from smart phones.

 Let us tell you some ways to avoid the virus so that even if you have to reset the factory then it is your last option.

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