Monday, November 2, 2020

Facebook to rollout the Dark Mode feature around the world


Facebook to rollout the Dark Mode feature around the world

Google is collecting 5 billion barrels of lawsuits over claims that user data was collected even when incognito mode was used by a tech company.  People will soon be able to see this option in the Facebook app settings.  Dark mode support is already available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  Facebook has finally started to turn Dark Mode widely for Android smartphone users.  The company's spokesperson confirmed that the feature is being rolled out globally.

  "We know people are asking for Dark Mode and they won't have to wait any longer," a Facebook spokesperson said in a 69-gadget TT report.  People will soon start seeing this option in their Facebook app settings.  WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger already have Dark Mode support.  Also read this ... Can't anyone else hack whatsapp chat leaks, just keep these 5 things in mind.  Now you can also make purchases from the WhatsApp business app, mute or contact notifications can be muted forever 4 to Mute Always, these 4 new features have come, now video calling sex can also be done from a laptop.  It will not be completely black.  .  Facebook too slow.

  Will not be completely black Like Instagram and Messenger, Facebook's Dark Mode interface won't be completely black, but it will have a gescal design with white accents for logos and icons.  Facebook started offering Dark Mode support for all its apps at a very slow pace.  In May, Facebook rolled out Dark Mode to its improved and intended desktop .p app for all users.


Dark mode allows users to view content with lower brightness as well as dimming the screen for use in low light.  April First report in April, Facebook is preparing to develop and design Dark Mode for Home

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