Friday, November 6, 2020

For Aadhaar card holders Create Aadhaar card like atm

 For Aadhaar card holders Create Aadhaar card like atm

Whenever we fill a form, in that form we are asked about our identity card as pan card, driving license, voter card etc.

 Whether it is to create an account in a form bank, to get a new sim card, to fill the form of a competitive exam or to book a ticket for online railway, all such forms ask us for some id proof.  .

 This means that all of us must have one of these ID proofs, only then we will be able to fill a form, so that our important work will be completed or else it will not be done.  Even when we have to take room in hotels, we are asked for our Id proof.

 In the Pan Card, Driving License and Voter Card, the name of an individual and his home address are given, due to which all these cards are considered as an Id proof.

 In addition to all these cards, there is also a card that you can use while filling any form and if you are going from work to another for your work, then leave all the cards and take this card with you.  Which can help you in difficult times.  And that card is Aadhar Card.  So, friends, today we will know from this article what is Aadhar Card in Hindi?

It is very important to make an Aadhar Card, people who want to make a new one can make it absolutely free.  There are centers to make Aadhar Card in every block.

 You take your documents there and they will make your card.  Once the varification of all your documents is complete, it reaches you within 20-40 days at your given address.

 Every person will get only one Aadhar number and not more than one. And the same Aadhar number which will be given to you will be valid for life, it will not have to be changed over time.

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 If there is a mistake in your Aadhar Card, then you can change it very comfortably.  From where you have made the Aadhar Card, you will have to fill your details once more, then the mistake of your Aadhar Card will be rectified.  For this, you have to pay very little value.

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