Monday, November 2, 2020

Important decision on wedding occasion

 Important decision on wedding occasion:

 200 people will now be able to attend the wedding in the state as per the guidelines of the Center instead of 100

Due to Corona in the state, weddings are now taking place as per the guidelines of the Center, but so far a limit of 100 people has been fixed.  However, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has taken an important decision and 200 people in the state have been allowed to attend the wedding.  However, it will have to follow the guidelines of Kovid-19.

If there are 200 guests, the venue should have a capacity of 400 guests

 Now you can get married with the same fanfare as before.  More than 200 guests can be invited to the wedding.  You can invite as many guests as you want.  Simply, you have to find a venue with double the capacity of the guests, as now only guests with 50 per cent capacity of any hall or wedding venue can be invited to the wedding.  The social, cultural and political events that were closed due to Corona can also be started in this way.  Suppose you are inviting 200 guests to a wedding, the capacity of the venue should be 400 guests.

 The wedding season will now begin in the state

 Corona's follow-up lockdown and subsequent unlock process are now likely to give a boost to previously engaged wedding occasions.  The Rupani government of the state has doubled the number of people attending the wedding, which was earlier only 100.  The government has now allowed 200 people to attend the wedding.  However, the concessions will take effect from November 3 tomorrow.  In the case of closed halls, the capacity of the hall will be allowed up to 50 per cent for such an occasion.



Unlock-4 allowed all kinds of events with a limit of one hundred people

 Even before the public curfew was imposed on March 22, state governments across the country banned religious, cultural, academy, sports, entertainment and political planning.  It was now allowed to start on September 21st.  The open air theater was also allowed to open from the 21st, but these events were allowed with certain conditions, in which no more than 100 people can gather on occasions.  Attendees were required to wear masks.  There was a need to remedy social distance.  In addition, it was mandatory to have thermal screening and hand sanitizer or hand wash in such a place.

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