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Listen to the radio station and learn about the radio

 Listen to the radio station and learn about the radio

Today, radio broadcasting in India has completed 87 years.  This day is celebrated as National Broadcasting Day.  Radio broadcasting in India began in the 1920s.  The first program was broadcast in 1923 by Mumbai's Radio Club.  This was followed by the broadcasting of two privately owned transmitters in Mumbai and Kolkata in 1927.  In 1930, the government took these transmitters under its control and started operating them under the name of Indian Broadcasting Service.  In 1936, it was renamed All India Radio and in 1957 came to be called Akashvani.

 As the national broadcaster of India, All India Radio (AIR) is serving to inform, educate and entertain the public.  It has been following its objective Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay since the beginning.  One of the world's largest broadcasting organizations in terms of number of languages.

Radio broadcasting in India was a national service, created and operated by the Government of India.  AIR extended this service and built stations for radio broadcasting throughout the country.  For a large country, it was difficult to reach such a large national service to every corner of the country, so to overcome this difficulty, AIR formed its own separate departments after independence.  In 1957, All India Radio was renamed to 'Akashvani', which went to the Ministry of Broadcasting and Information.  At the time of independence, there used to be only 6 radio stations in the country, but by the 90s the radio network had spread all over the country and 146 AM stations had become.  Radio programs used to come in English, Hindi, regional and local languages.  Commercial radio service started in the country in 1967.  It was started by the diverse Indian and commercial service from the Mumbai headquarters.  By the mid-1990s, 31 AM and FM stations were broadcast in the country.  In 1994, 85 FM and 73 wave stations were built to connect the country.

 Despite being the oldest medium of radio communication, the history of celebrating Radio Day globally is not very old.  It was announced to be celebrated only about a decade ago.

Click here radio station

Firstly, on 20 September 2010, following the request of the Spanish Radio Academy, SPAN put the agenda of celebrating Radio Day at a UNESCO meeting.  After this, on September 29, 2011, this agenda was included in the meeting as provisional agenda.  After this, after the consent of the stake holder, UNESCO announced to celebrate this day in its 36th general session.  In the year 1946, the United Nations had established United Nations Radio on the day of 13 February, so it was decided to celebrate it on 13 February every year.

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