Monday, November 2, 2020

Matdar yadi ma sudhara Karva babat paripatra

 Matdar yadi ma sudhara Karva babat paripatra

Matter of organizing special campaign days regarding voter list reform program.

  With regard to the date of eligibility from ERS on 01.01.2021, a special brief correction program of voter lists with photos has been announced.  Accordingly, in detail

  Instructions have been given regarding the special abbreviated reform program of Voter List-2021

  The days of this special campaign are as follows.  Special arrangements have to be made by the designated officer to be present at the polling station from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to accept claims and objections.

  Display appropriate banners related to the program at each such location.  Accepting the form by the designated officer on the day of special campaign, checking the voter details from the draft, checking the draft with the help of BLA, finding if there is any defect and taking ancillary action and report to ERO / AERO through supervisor in the evening at the end of each special campaign.  To send.  Day.

  The District Election Officer, Voter Registration Officer and Assistant Voter Registration Officer will have to visit the designated places at random.  Details of the form received on the day of the special campaign should be sent here.

Important links::

Click here to check your name election list

Click here download paripatra

  District Election Officer, Voter

  The Registration Officer and the Assistant Voter Registration Officer will have to visit random designated places.

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