Sunday, November 1, 2020

New gas booking number

New gas booking number

 The country's largest government oil marketing company Indane has changed its LPG gas cylinder booking number from today.  That is, customers will not be able to book gas from the old number, so from today, know the new number before the gas booking (Indane LPG cylinder new booking number) or else you may have problems.  Let the customers know that the new number has been sent to their registered mobile number, through which you can book the cylinder for gas refill.  From today you save this new number in your phone-

 Now make gas booking through this number

This number issued by Indian Oil can be used by consumers across the country of Indane for booking gas through IVR or SMS.  Indian Oil told that earlier there were different mobile numbers for different circles of the country for booking LPG.  Now the country's largest petroleum company has issued a single number for all circles, this means that now customers of Indane gas will have to send a call or SMS to 7718955555 to book LPG cylinders across the country.

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Book message or call in any way, cylinder

 If you want to book LPG cylinder by calling, then you have to call your registered mobile number on the given number.  If you want to book gas cylinder through SMS, then you have to send a message from your registered mobile number.

 This number is closed

 According to the company, 'Telecom Circle's current system of specific phone numbers for booking Indane LPG refills has been discontinued on 31 October 2020 and the general booking number for LPG refills ie 7718955555 has been released from 1 November 2020.

 LPG subsidy can be checked in these two ways

 Now you can check very easily whether the money for booking LPG gas cylinder has come to your account or not.  You can check gas subsidy in two 

 First, you can check through your registered mobile number.

 Secondly you can check your gas subsidy through LPG ID.

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