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Of large recruitment forstandard 12 Advertising


Of large recruitment forstandard 12 Advertising

A government servant in India is called a government son-in-law.

 What is the reason behind this?  Why government job is given so much preference in our country?  The BBC tried to understand this.

 We met Aneesh Tomar.  Aneesh has applied for a job in the Government of India.  The process of applying for the job has been rotted to them.

 This is Aneesh's seventh attempt to get a government job.  The competition is very thorny.  Thousands of applications are given for each post.

 This time, Aneesh will have to compete with his wife to get a job in the railway.

 This railway job is very low.  Still hundreds of people will apply for this.

 The same condition of government jobs for which Aneesh had applied last time.  Aneesh has no problem with this.

 The last time he applied for a government teacher.  Earlier, Anish had applied for the guard in the forest department.  Both times his hand failed.

 Anish says that he could not pass the physical test for the security guard in the forest department.

Anish, 28, is currently doing marketing work at a healthcare company in Bhilwara, Rajasthan.  Bhilwara is a small town.  It is famous for the textile industry.

 Aneesh gets a salary of 25 thousand rupees per month in this private job.  Aneesh has too much work load.  They say that many times during the night they have to attend phone calls.

 There are millions of Indians like Anish coming from the small town, who are unemployed for getting a government job.

 Government job in India means income guarantee, roof over head and medical facilities for free.

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 Apart from this, government employees and their family members also get a pass to roam or go somewhere.

 After the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission's recommendations in 2006, salaries of government employees in India had also come up against private sector jobs.  Apart from this, there are other facilities of government job.

 In the job for which Anish has applied, he can get salary up to 35 thousand rupees per month.  The rest of the facilities will be available separately.

 This is the reason that thousands of people, many times millions of people, apply simultaneously when government jobs are released in India.  People apply on a large scale for railway and police jobs.

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