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Standard 2 Pragya test paper subject Ganit


Standard 2 Pragya test paper subject Ganit

Teaching is a process by which teachers assimilate their knowledge to their students on the basis of communicative skills.  Simply put, teaching is a process in which the inherent powers within the child are developed. Today, hindivaani will make you aware of the definitions of different teachers of teaching.

 Teaching is a process by which students' learning is simplified.  Friends today HMJ will tell you the meaning and definition of teaching, characteristics of teaching, types of teaching and objectives of teaching.

 Meaning and definition and characteristics of teaching

 Let us first know what is the meaning of teaching?  Talking about the meaning of teaching, teaching is a social process.  It has an influence on the governance system, social philosophy, social conditions and values ​​of each country.  In a country where there will be a system of governance or social and philosophical conditions, there will be a similar type of education system.

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 Wider Meaning Of Teaching

 The broad meaning of teaching includes all that a human being learns throughout his life.  Man keeps learning something according to his instinct.  Teaching is done by the person or object.  First, the smallest unit of society learns from the family.  The school then learns by society and also through television, drama etc.

 The things a human learns from birth to death.  She is very much within the broader meaning of teaching.  The broad meaning of teaching implies that whatever the child learns throughout his life, in a formal and informal manner

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