Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Std 1 ganit swadhyay Pothi lekhan Mati upyogi video

 Std 1 ganit swadhyay Pothi lekhan Mati upyogi video

When a child goes to school for the first time, he is given information about every subject, this is one of the subjects which is considered very difficult, which also scares many children studying in schools and says that it is very difficult to read.  What is Mathematics and what is its definition.  Every child studying in school is aware of this, but this is the subject we are discussing here and which of all the subjects we study, it is considered as one of the most difficult subject.

 By the way, if I talk on my own, I loved mathematics and it was never difficult during my studies, but it used to be one of my favorite subjects and I also enjoyed studying it.  If you are also a student of school or college, then you must have also seen that there will be many such children in the class who will like math very much and they will also bring numbers above 90%.  Those children who like mathematics and if they ask them, they will never say that they find it difficult to read mathematics, rather they will say that they enjoy the most in this subject.

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Everyone, whether a child or a parent, knows that mathematics is a subject in which the child needs to be good because this subject gives a foundation to pursue many professional courses later.  It is impossible to do many courses without this subject.  This is the reason why we are going to tell you what is the Importance of Mathematics in Hindi Language and you will know how important mathematics is for our future education.  As soon as a student goes to high school, his guardian starts sending him to a good tuition master too if his mathematics is not good.  Everyone wants his children to be very fast in mathematics and can pick the best number.  This is a subject in which it is possible to score 100%.

 Who says mathematics if you want to know it, then ask any student once to read it, he will tell you very well.  If you have still come searching about it in the internet, then we have written this post for you.  After reading this post, you will now know what the meaning of mathematics is, so let's know

Mathematics is a science that deals with logic of number, size, quantity and arrangement.  Mathematics is all around us in whatever we do.  In our everyday life, everything is present in the form of blocks remain in the building everywhere.  Even it is in our mobile device, in architecture, in art, in money, in engineering, and even in sports.

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