Thursday, November 5, 2020

Student useful to do list planer calendar & reminders application

 Student useful to do list planer calendar & reminders application

In this modern world it is very important for one country to make new inventions in the field of science and technology in order to be stronger, stronger and well developed than other countries.  In this competitive society, we need more technologies to move forward and become successful individuals in life.  Today, man has developed a lot in science and technology.  It is now impossible to live without technology.  It has made our life simple, easy and convenient.

As we all know, we are living in a time of science and technology.  The life of all of us is very much dependent on scientific inventions and modern day techniques.  Science and technology have affected people's lives in a big way.  It has made life easier, simpler and faster.  In the new era, the development of science has brought us from bullock cart rides to air travel facilities.

Every aspect of modernization of science and technology has been implemented in every nation.  Modern tools have been discovered to properly operate every area of ​​life and solve almost all problems.  It was not possible to achieve all the benefits without applying it in medicine, education, infrastructure, energy manufacturing, information technology and other fields.  If we do not progress in science, our life would be as difficult and difficult as before.  Innovators have brought us great benefits.  There are many technologies around us.

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Mobile phones, TVs, computers, internet, ovens, fridges, washing machines, water-removing motors, motorcycles, ships, trains, buses, modes of transport, all have been possible with the help of modern technology.  With the help of new types of medicines, medical devices, it is now possible to treat complex diseases.  In this way we can say that in modern times our life is not possible without modern technology.

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