Saturday, November 7, 2020

To download amazing whatsapp statuses useful application


To download amazing whatsapp statuses download wfvS application

WhatsApp Status Message is only available for 24 hours.  WhatsApp status automatically gets deleted after 24 hours.  But if you want, you can manually delete it before 24 hours (you have been told about it further).

 To send and receive WhatsApp Status, both Sender and Receiver must have each other's WhatsApp numbers saved in the phonebook.  That is when the Status Update Receive.  If you do not have any WhatsApp number saved, then you will not get status updates of that number.

 You can stay updated daily through WhatsApp Status and can also get comments from your friends by reply.  That you receive as personal messages

As soon as you tap on the pencil, a status update page will open in front of you.  In which you will get the following options.

 Status Text - The status message you typed will appear here.

 Emoji - By tapping on this icon, you can use Emojis in your WhatsApp status.

 You can change the handwriting of your status message by tapping on Font - T and make your status stylish.  To change the font, just keep tapping on it repeatedly.  A new font will change every time you tap.

 Background or Theme - By tapping on this icon, you can change the background of your status.  To change the background, tap on the plate icon.  Each time tapping, a new background color will appear.

 Send - This is Send Button.  By which you will update your status.  When your status message is complete, tap this button and update your status.

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Click here Download application

 Now write your status message and make it stylized as per your choice.  When your message is ready.  Then tap on Send Button.  Your Status has been updated.  Just tap on STATUS Tab to see WhatsApp Status.  Here you and your friends will see the update status.

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