Tuesday, November 3, 2020

WhatsApp new useful features about information


WhatsApp new useful features about information

Do you know all the features of WhatsApp?  (Do you know Whatsapp all features?) If not, today we are going to talk about this, you are going to tell about WhatsApp secret features or WhatsApp hidden features.  In this post, I am going to explain about 20 WhatsApp Features in turn so that you can understand everything better.

In this post you will get complete information about whatsapp messenger and all the features of WhatsApp App will also be available.  So let's know about whatsapp new features in hindi in hindi.

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Whatsapp messenger is a popular communication application running in the smartphone that you can use to send text location, voice message, video call and picture or video as well as live location.  Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jane Coom.  Both of them were former employees of yahoo.

 Once Brian Acton and Jane Coom took leave from Yahoo's job to go to South Africa, during which time both of them applied to work on Facebook, which Facebook refused to hire.

After some time Jane Koom bought the phone of the Apple company and speculated from her that applications market is going to be very popular in the coming time, Jane Koom started going to her Russian friend Alex Fishman's house to talk about the same thing and he  Talked about creating your application.

 The plan that was on his mind could not complete the application without an iPhone developer, so Fisherman found a Russian developer named "Igor Solomenikov" and after that he created an application.

 Jane Koom named this application WhatsApp over the word "expected up" used daily.

 Now whatsapp has become so popular that if you want to send anything, do whatsapp and let it mean that WhatsApp has become the need of everyone, which makes our lives even smarter and digital.

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