Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Change the TV rom your mobile. Install remote control on mobile phone. TV, AC, set up box etc.

 Change the TV rom your mobile. Install remote control on mobile phone. TV, AC, set up box etc.



Change the TV channel from your mobile.

 Install remote control on mobile phone.

 TV, AC, set up box etc.

In this world, every human has only according to his or her karmas, knowledge, acquisition of material, merit, eligibility.  This is the law of justice of God.

Sixth, double-faced, unrighteous, false people may not be able to understand the truth.  How will Dr. Vishwaroop Rai Choudhary consider those people who go to the doctor who is putting glasses on himself to get his eye treated, and go to the dentist who, after removing his teeth, gets caught in your hand.  gives.

If the liver specialist does not perform fifty-five blood tests with the machine, he will not be able to tell the disease. All those people consider themselves very intelligent too.  If you ask him this question, he will try to prove you a fool.
In spite of being self-surveyed, Lord Shri Krishna and Balaram ji apologized to their parents in this way while going away from the house to establish the dignity of Lord Shri Krishna society and dignity for an ordinary person.

Oh my mother, my father!  Forgive us for your inability to serve me. "All these incidents are very painful for me. Can anyone abandon them even after taking Shri Krishna's footsteps even once? By just reciting his bereavement he  We could destroy the evil who were a burden on this earth. In front of your eyes,

Ashishupala, despite being an enemy of Shri Krishna, attained perfection of Yoga by Krishna grace.  In fact, only great yogis are willing to achieve such perfection of yoga through their sacred rituals.  How can separation from such a lord be tolerated? "

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