Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Kolkata viral video


Kolkata  viral video

Walking on the lesson of true justice, the teacher tells us.

 To fight life's struggles, teachers teach us.

 Poor or rich, all the same for the teacher

 Teacher flies the boat, teacher resort to drowning

 The teacher always says, labor is a real jewel.

 There are no words, how should I thank you, just want everyone's blessings every moment.


 I am where today I have a big contribution in it, all of you who gave me so much knowledge.

 Happy Teacher’s Day

 You have made me worthy, that I should achieve my goal.

 You have given so much support all the time, whenever I felt that I lost.

 Happy Teacher’s Day

 The price increases to give diamonds,

 Whatever knowledge is near, life becomes beautiful,

 If you put fruit and flowers in front of God, then the offerings become,

 If the disciple bowed in front of the master then he becomes a human being.

 Happy teachers day

 Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes a person's character, ability, and future.  If people remember me as a good teacher, it would be the greatest honor for me.

 Education is the search for truth.  It is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment.

 If you want to shine like the sun, then burn like the sun first.

 To be successful in your mission, you have to be unwavering loyalty to your goal.

 A person needs difficulties, because they are necessary to enjoy success.

 Books are the means through which we can build bridges between different cultures.

 Age or puberty have nothing to do with time.  It matters how much you feel young or old.

 There is really no intelligent who can keep himself insensitive from the workings of the world and be insensitive to its crisis.

 Reading a book gives us a habit of contemplation and true bliss.

 It is said that a literary talent looks the same to everyone but no one looks like him.

 A teacher is not the one who forces facts into the mind of the student, but the real teacher is the one who prepares him for the challenges of tomorrow.

 A literary genius is said to look like everyone, but no one looks like him.

 The result of education should be a free creative person who can fight against historical conditions and natural disasters.

 Only through education can the human mind be properly utilized.  Therefore, the world should manage education as a single entity.

 The teacher is the best friend.  A teacher gets respect everywhere.

 Like a calf following his mother in a herd of thousands of cows.  Similarly, good and bad deeds of a man follow him.

 Even a thief cannot steal Vidya.

 The greatest Guru mantra, do not tell your secret to anyone.  This will kill you.

 A man is great not by his birth but by his actions.

 A sensible man should act consciously like a stork and should understand his place, time and his ability and prove his work.

 God is not in idols.  Your feelings are your God.  Spirit is your temple.

 Books are the same for a foolish man as a mirror for a blind man.

 The power of a king lies in his powerful arms.  The power of a Brahmin is in his spiritual knowledge and the strength of a woman in her beauty, youth and sweet voice.

 The fire burns even when it is installed in the head.  That is, no matter how much the wicked person is respected, he always gives grief.

 The poor desire wealth, animals to be able to speak, men desire heaven, and religious people seek salvation.

 One should not worry about what has passed, nor should we worry about the future.  Wise people live only in the present.

 Wisdom also does not work in a crisis.

 Whoever is skilled in the work should be engaged in the same work.

 Do not delay for any moment in any work.

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