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Not with ghee or oil; In this unique temple of Mataji, a lamp is lit by the water of the river

Tirth: Not with ghee or oil; In this unique temple of Mataji, a lamp is lit by the water of the river

Hello friends, this post is not meant to offend anyone and this post is for informational purposes only.

There are thousands of temples in our country and each temple has its own specialty. A few temples are so mysterious that no one has ever known their secrets. One such temple is located in Madhya Pradesh. This temple is famous all over the country for its amazing miracles. A lamp in this temple is a flame which is lit not with oil or ghee but with water. Even the scientists could not get any information about the mystery of this temple.

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However, on the banks of Kali Sindh river in Madhya Pradesh, a temple is located near Gadiya village, about 15 km from Nalkheda village of Agar-Malwa. This temple is known as Gadiaghat Mataji. The priest of the temple says that earlier an oil lamp was always lit here, but about five years ago Mataji appeared to him in a dream and asked him to light a lamp with water.

ન્યૂઝ નો વિડીયો પણ જોવો

Then the vat kept in the lamp was lit, the lamp lit. The priest was shocked to see this and for about 2 months he did not tell anyone about it. He then did not believe it at first when he told a few villagers about it, but when he also added water to the lamp and lit the flame the lamp was lit.

It is said that the news of this miracle then spread throughout the village. Since then till today a lamp is lit in this temple from the water of Kali Singh river. It is said that when water is added to a lamp, it turns into a viscous liquid and the lamp is lit.

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According to locals, this water-burning flame is not lit in the monsoon. As the water level of Kali Singh river rises in the rainy season, this temple is submerged in water, so it is not possible to worship here. However, on the first day of Shardiya Navratri, the flame is re-lit with Ghatsthapana, which remains lit till the next monsoon.

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