Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Now to become a teacher one has to go through a three-tiar selection process

Now to become a teacher one has to go through a three-tiar selection process

Now to become a teacher one has to go through a three-tier selection process
50 hours training course has to be done every year, it will be noted in the service book: Written test, interview and mark of classroom process will be added to the merit: School of Excellence in 6 districts, one lakh students will be included New Delhi, Ta. 9: To become a teacher in Gujarat now, one has to go through a three-tier selection process. These include interviews and classroom process demonstrations in addition to written tests. The task force committee formed to implement the new education policy in the state has made recommendations to the government in this regard. In addition, teachers will have to conduct a 30-hour training course every year which will also be recorded in the service book.

This will include optional questions as well as tests containing descriptive questions, interviews, as well as classroom process demonstrations. In addition, merit list will be prepared by adding all the three levels of marks.

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The new education policy also proposes the creation of special education zones to enhance high quality educational opportunities in deprived areas of the state as well as arrangements for identifying and caring for the talents and interests of the specially gifted and gifted students of the state. The matter has been unanimously agreed by the members of the task force to cover these matters in the proposed School of Excellence project in the state. It has been recommended to allow residential schools in the state to accommodate students of Std. 9 to 12 under the Excellence Project. So that residential schools will be started in the state under the School of Excellence. These schools started in 6 districts...
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