Tuesday, March 9, 2021




Subject: - To consider the above seniority of the teacher who has been transferred in the district internal transfer, to state on the above subject, to consider the original seniority of the teachers who have been transferred in the district internally this year, according to the representations received by this office.  Was introduced.  

Pursuant to which orders have been issued from the reference letter of the education department.  "Assassination is part of the administrative process," he said.  In which case the teacher is compelled to change, if the seniority of his previous school goes to zero, he cannot participate in the internal transfer camp.  

The seniority of the previous school should be taken into account in the internal transfer camp when the increase is administratively transferred.  The matter has received the support of the Government. 

 According to which the teachers who can apply in the district internal transfer camp keeping in view the seniority of the existing school will be able to apply online as per the aforesaid order of the education department and the teachers who have applied showing the current school date of their transfer will be able to amend their previous school seniority date.  

Necessary instructions will have to be given from your level in this regard.  The timetable for verification / validation of applications from taluka, district and directorate level is as follows.  According to which planning has to be carried out.

Note: Plz always check and confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement/ notification


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