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Public distribution system, See your village list APL, BPL, AAY, NFSA

Management system
The state-level office of the Director, Food and Civil Supplies is located at Gandhinagar to carry out the above functions.

Fair Price Store (Selection and Appointment)
The distribution system of essential items
Ration card
Transparency and grievance redressal system
Vigilance system
Rural and urban vigilance committees
Organization of the Office of the Director

Awareness campaign
Select area wise ration card details

Monitoring of essential commodity prices

Fair Price Store (Selection and Appointment)

Essential Items The work of issuing a license under the orders issued under the Commodities Act 13 is done by the Collector Shri District Supply Officer / Mamlatdar Shri at the district level.

After getting the recommendation of the committee, the District Collector Shri As per the decision of the District Advisory Committee, the District Supply Officer has to do it.

Step : 2 :: Fill in the verification code details.

The distribution system of essential items

Relevant fair price shopkeepers have to get the quantity mentioned in this permit from the godowns under Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation. While the Government of India’s Oil Co.

The quantity of kerosene permitted by the kerosene agents at Nimel and the district has to be arranged by the doorstep delivery at the fair price shop/kerosene retailer or hawker’s place.

Select your district:

Ration card
Generally, every family residing within the state has the right to get a ration card. For this, the head of the family has to give full details in the prescribed form prescribed by the state government and apply to the office of the Taluka Mamlatdar / Zonal Officer of his area with supporting evidence.

As per the provisions of the Citizen’s Charter, the Taluka Mamlatdar Shri / Zonal Officer has to check the application of the applicant and as per the requirement, determine the category of the card, obtain the photos and biometric details of the head of the family/members, issue a barcoded ration card

Under the Barcoded Ration Card Scheme, the cardholder has to visit the e-gram / cybercafe on the basis of their biometric details and get the barcoded coupons of the number of essential items to be found according to the category of their card.
Select the taluka

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The three brothers started their wholesale distributing company of Japanese foods after war II in 1945 in Denver, Colorado near Amache Camp where they were interned.

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The Inaba closed corporation actually began within the early 1900s within the Sacramento Delta region with father Hikotaro, a Japanese immigrant farmer. With the assistance of his wife and youngsters, he started a little grocery, H.Inaba, and Son, in Walnut Grove, CA, and commenced delivering supplies like rice, soy and family produced tofu to nearby farms.

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At the same time, the quantity of essential items received during the month of that year should also be recorded in the baroqueed ration card. Arrangements are also being made in the coming days to make arrangements so that the barcoded ration card holder can get the quantity of essential items from any reasonable price shop.

Later in 1945 they returned home to California to continue the grocery business­es in Walnut Grove and in Fresno which were pack up during the war. In 1947 the brothers also opened an office for wholesale distribution during a small house on 6th Street in Sacramento.

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