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My successful journey was to go to Radhanesada with a mission to review the progress made in DPEP, Mr. Roncooler, Representative of the Netherlands and Mr. Patel Saheb, District Development Officer, Banaskantha. A convoy of about twenty-six people arrived in four vehicles. Radhanesada of Vav taluka! Really Radhanesada villageIt is 2 km away.

There is only a small population of people who come here just for the monsoon. Located on the border of Gujarat, this settlement is surrounded by desert areas. From here Pakistan is very close! - Take a look, between the sand dunes, thorny acacias and undergrowth, a few kuba and a few plants grown around kuba .. just a lamp to illuminate the destiny of these Cubans As it were, the electricity pylons were nowhere to be seen. Also, It is useless to expect a device like a stove where there is only a splash of kerosene to keep these lamps flickering.

He was doing something, putting as many mistakes as he could. But seeing us ...., together, the roar of vehicles .... - The boys panicked ... and out of the Cubans, including the waiters .. if you look at the forgetful ones - very dirty, not enough clothes to wear ! The talk didn't stop there. Even young Ben - daughters Her veils did not accompany her even in covering her honor, she was a little embarrassed and embarrassed and she shrugged and sat down a little. And we ...?

They started migrating under the weight of clothes. Walking on lame legs, the other man told us, Broken - insisted on sitting on a broken bed. But we stood in a crowd. It was learned that there is no primary school system here. That is why in the heart of this middle-aged man, there is a spring of letters. Futeli and every evening - a few km. Come here on foot ... voluntarily teach children in the courtyard of nature! 2 Dr. Nalin Pandit Where there is food to eat, enough clothes to cover the limbs! If not, what else can be expected except the prayer of distance! ? And the man who read these four books did not expect anything else. He just collects the broken planks and goes on teaching the children .... We, two or three friends, made the children stand in a circle, play songs that they enjoy and start playing the game ...

There, scorpion caught someone's eye Climbed ... but survived, otherwise it would have been heavy. If a child vomits, but is relieved with a few handfuls of remedies, he may not even see a doctor. It is learned that many children are sick here. So immediately the D.D.O. Mr. Patel Saheb Permanent | The next day, a medical camp was set up and a medical camp was ordered. At the same time, the population got enough water. And to open a sub-school immediately as well as to facilitate non-formal education.

The duty that we had in the matter of education was being performed by an ordinary man. Then, under the weight of shame, we left at night with a mental knot about the work to be done in the future. A few days ago, I had to go back to Vav Mukham in Banaskantha district. The occasion was DPEP. Coordinator of the three districts under the Friends of the Workshop.

There was an opportunity to say this at a night meeting held in the open field. Everyone's heart shook. Together they contributed two and a half thousand rupees. Today, a voluntary organization has built a school room there. The children will be sitting in it now. In the fifty years of independence, we have got various facilities. Then this area .... Today, in this struggle of human values, I see a sage in this man who is doing this great work without any expectation,

પ્રાથમિક શૈક્ષિક મહાસંઘ ભાવનગર 26/3/2021ની રજુઆત અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Joint Director of Education GCERT. - Gandhinagar
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