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The most dangerous highway in the world, where life is at stake

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The most dangerous highway in the world, where life is at stake

Do you like to take risks? Do you like to travel hard?
Do you enjoy crossing dangerous roads?
Have you gone on the most perilous streets on the planet? If not, we should take you on the most troublesome excursion on the planet.

The Pamir Highway in Central Asia is known as the most difficult highway in the world.

This 1200 km long highway is considered to be the most inaccessible road in the world.
It is said that the population of Snow Leopard and Marco-Polo is higher than that of humans.

It takes courage to walk on this road

A picture of the highway
Thrillers have to contend with the dangers of earthquakes, floods, avalanches and deep valleys during this 1200 km long journey.
The difficulties that arise with each step, the thrill of the journey does not diminish anywhere.

Mountains spread all over

As you disregard the Pamir Highway you will feel as though a perpetual arrangement of slopes were running with you.

Not exclusively are the fields of the Pamir Mountains, this interstate additionally offers a perspective on the Hindu Kush Mountains, which are in Afghanistan.


Someplace there is a hurrying waterway, someplace there is an infertile mountain, someplace there is no railing for wellbeing on the parkway going through the side of a valley several meters down.

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