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If Aadhar card is lost, broken or torn, we will discuss in the video how to get the print of it online. Friends, if you have a mobile, you will have a mobile. If you need to use it, you will have a mobile number at the time you come online. You can get the print of Aadhar card in your mobile through the number given by the general you will be less. That means you don't have to get a new Aadhar card. You just have to go to the side of Aadhar card online so we will study in step by step video. How to get an online Aadhaar card if your Aadhaar card is lost or lost after it has been torn and it can happen that the Aadhaar card has fallen where you live, you will keep going out and if needed you two If you study how to get support in just two minutes in a minute, you can use any browser before friends in the world and the research that we are doing before is the jio browser. You are the only one who has not downloaded the browser yet. So a p If it is a local browser, it means we have a browser from another country, not available. If you use it, I will be sitting. I have to do it. Open here you can see here is different then support support you have to download and if you have a virtual id also put here if you have and you can print support card friends currently we have support support maybe if you have support If you have to enter the card number, we need to enter the Aadhaar card number and how it is downloaded. You can see that you have to enter your Aadhaar card number and you have to enter it immediately. To link with the given Aadhaar card, it will be sent to that number, then OTP will have to be remembered, then friends, I will send OTP, my number will remain on the number given at that time, then I will have to enter it. After that love will happen So friends, we want OTP to come, so how is it printed? The process for Aadhaar card has also come up with the option for Lodge, so we have to put in money. After putting up the map, you can see that a survey has been started here. In this we will click yes if it does what it does then it will remain the same



Next Verify Download Friends, here you can see what you have entered. In your mobile number, there will be an option for free fire download. You have to click on it. You can see how it will be downloaded. When you open it, you will have a PDF. So pdf is to be written there you can see and friends like kumar you have to write 4g of the name in the aadhar card and kumar and nsg are done and the last one is done i.e. the password has to be added in pdf in total eight characters then There will be a PDF and you will be able to see the free print of your Aadhaar card. Friends, here we get the Aadhaar card first. Then we see. Friends, once the Aadhaar card is done, you can see the card in it. Requested to be downloaded and also downloaded. There is a file of 0.66 that is being downloaded. After downloading, I will open the file and show you. If you can see, Xerox teen patti of Aadhar card has been downloaded. Your name is A. No 4d is to be put in capital like your name then your date of birth is to be put then you have to do and your Aadhar card will be valid. Friends want and also friends your name is four letters in capital and your Aadhar card is the original Aadhar card. Will go and you will be able to get the print in your mobile and get the color print of the friend in the mobile and use it. And just print out the color and find out in the video and if you want to get the next such video, subscribe to my channel so you can get the video as a gift. Thank you very nice day.
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