Thursday, April 1, 2021

All Educational mahiti and details for teacher

All Educational mahiti and details for teacher

When the change in behavior or medicine consists of changes, it will be received, while phased it does not receive maturity. Has been done. Thinking about the teaching and learning the study: The teachers related to the study of experience are involved. To understand the result, understand the same teaching and thinking so that its unbelieving neglects differ.

Thinking can lead to the study, but the contrary is not true. Compared to the study, thinking maturity and study: Maturity and more related to behavior or expression, as well as teaching each other, but it is different. Thinking is a natural maturity of the study and the observation is a natural growth process, while the idea is inconspicuous.

However, there are. When the maturity reaches the defined stage, the teaching can be done earlier in thinking, the maturity consists of changes, which include active use of the taught skill. Are associated with growth. The activity, experience and behavior and study: 

The study is only independent of behavior or effort, the process of learning is not an expression of excitement, there is no meaning of the absence of a special behavior and effort is not in the process of attempting. It is not that someone knows anything about it.

All Educational mahiti and details for teacher
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