Friday, April 30, 2021

English To Gujarati and Gujarati To English Dictionary and Translator.

English To Gujarati and Gujarati To English Dictionary and Translator.
**** English To Gujarati Dictionary Offline And Translator *****

English To Gujarati Dictionary and Translator - the easiest way to learn and translate Gujarati language fast within your Android devices and Tablets.

Our new English to Gujarati Dictionary app is a light weight and elegant tool. You can find over 2 lac english words with their gujarati meanings for Free on your smartphone! You can easily search for any word you want and we will take care of giving the meaning of it and the best thing is that you can take quiz to test your knowledge in this Indo-Aryan language
Night expedition in 29 cities extended to 5 May

Night curfew imposed in 9 more cities.

Botad and
Night curfew was imposed in Viramgam.

All restaurants in cities will be closed only take-away services can be continued.

Malls, shopping complexes, Gujari Bazaar, cinema halls, auditoriums, gyms, swimming pools, water parks, public gardens, salons, spas, beauty parlors and other amusement activities will be closed in all 29 cities.

AP All APMCs across the state will be closed. Only APMCs engaged in the sale of vegetables and fruits can be continued.

Public access to religious places across the state will be closed only administrators and priests will be able to perform pooja.

બસ Public bus transport will continue throughout the state with 90% capacity.

લગ્ન As per the rules, a maximum of 50 persons can be present at weddings across the state and 30 persons can be present at funerals.

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English To Gujarati Dictionary And Translator provide gujarati keyboard to write the message, store, emails, Facebook post,Whatsapp messages, Tweets in Gujarati and many more social media posts in Gujarati. 
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