Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Government’s decision after deteriorating situation in Gujarat

Government’s decision after deteriorating situation in Gujarat:

The state government has come into action as the situation of Corona in the state is deteriorating and the government has taken an important decision while efforts are being made to prevent the transition on a war footing.

Government's decision after deteriorating situation in Gujarat

Government’s decision following Corona’s condition
Order the ministers to handle the bow

4 days command to handle the arch
Ministers have been directed to maintain the arch for 4 days in the area where they have been made in charge to prevent the transmission of corona in Gujarat. The meeting will be held for the next 4 days.

What will be the responsibility of the ministers in charge?

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As per the order given by the state government, first the members of the taluka panchayat then the MLAs and the members of the district panchayat and the details of the health related needs will be discussed in the meeting.

Command to discuss with CM

Rotate, straighten, crop, resize.

The in-charge will coordinate with the district system on the basis of the information as per the order of the government and arrangements will be made with the CM for a policy level arrangement.

Corona’s position in the state

Notably, Gujarat has seen a slowdown in the number of new cases of corona virus. Yesterday there were 14340 cases in the state while today there are 14352 cases. Earlier in the month, there was a sharp rise in the number of cases of corona virus, but the pace of cases has slowed down.
Currently 127840 active cases in the state

There are currently 127840 active cases of corona virus in the state out of which 418 patients are currently on ventilator and so far 6656 Gujaratis have fallen victim to corona virus and lost their lives.
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