Friday, April 16, 2021

Online Education In Covid-19

Online Education In Covid-19

Gain the instincts of an entrepreneur with free online courses from Appy Pie Academy. Become an expert in working across cultures, learn to lead with confidence, and understand how to shape your future. Access more than 1,000 online courses from top experts around the world. Find what fascinates you the most in our course library and enroll in free online interactive classes. Enrich your personal life with the best online courses on personal development.

Appy Pie Academy – the online learning platform features 1000+ video courses taught by expert instructors in their respective domains. Now you can access Appy Pie Academy on mobile, anywhere, anytime. From development, design, leadership to personal development, the Appy Pie Academy mobile app offers most in-demand and industry-relevant content in your hand.

Development: Programming, Mobile, and Web Development

• Design: Graphic, Web and YouTube designing

• Data Science: Machine Learning, Statistics, and Data mining

• Business: Finance, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship

• Office Productivity: Google form, Excel, and many more

• Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Advertising, SEO, and Public Relations

• Personal Development: Productivity Hacks, Yoga and Writing

Key Features of Appy Pie Academy

• Browse the best online courses in a variety of subject areas, from technology to design, business to personal

What is different about Appy Pie Academy?

Unlike most online learning platforms, Appy Pie Academy offers absolutely free online learning. All courses at Appy Pie Academy can be viewed on desktops and laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones with any operating system. Upon enrollment, students gain instant access to the courses they have chosen. Each course on this e-learning platform consists of video lectures delivering the best online learning experience.

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