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would like to express my gratitude on the above subject that at present the entire country including Gujarat is fighting against the second wave of Corona virus, which intensive efforts are being made under the leadership of Hon'ble Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Shri Samvendanrak. The State Administration and its officers / employees are constantly working in the above efforts of the Government. In which many hardworking officers / employees as well as their families have passed away. Although the number of infections and deaths in this second city has been increasing recently, a large number of government employees / officers are becoming infected very fast and spreading the infection to others i.e. becoming hotpots of government offices or campus corona, namely. The Gujarat High Court has also been asked by the state government to issue specific guidelines to prevent the transition of Corina. The following demands of the Sadar Mandal are: (1) To close the offices of the Gujarat government (except for essential services or to make arrangements for other employees / officers to be present in rotation). (4) Signing of Mustar for verification of attendance of employees. Mukti Bhashi Raj from Fingerprint, BAD system etc. Arrangements should be made by the branch officer to have the attendance of all the employees of his branch so that the employees can contact the fingerprint device of Mustar That gathers in one place for attendance and prevents you from being truly infected with the virus, (2) such employees / officers who are infected with corona as well as the officer or his / her family members are considered on duty so that the virus is truly transmitted to the government. Medical leave is measured for corona-infected employees under the current system, so that coronary symptoms appear to some extent.

11 વાગ્યે લાઇવ સાંભળવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

Teva na d and asymptomatic employees cultivate indifference to reporting. As a result of which they continue to come to Mori, they inadvertently spread the transition to other employees as well as applicants, thus infecting the employees coming to the offices as well as the applicants from the transition of Corona. Reg. No. S.V.V. Letter No .: at least / 12 | Date, 9/10/7 Gujarat State Employees Federation GUJARAT STATE EMPLOYEES CONFEDERATION A federation covering all the employees unions in the state? cole Dhan G. N. Patel President General Secretary Mo. - KS TD - File Mo. Harappa rah ke ra19 s૮૮6 7 Kaliya: Block no. 3, on the ground floor, Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar. Phone / Fax: (07) ૨૩૨૫૬૭૮૨ Number: G.R.K.M. / Story In the case of these families, such a date should also be applied for such employees to be tested on time. An incentive policy to treat employees / officers as present on duty should be applied. Thus, the above orders should be issued immediately so that the true transition from government employees to khawi queries Boat applicants can also be indirectly rescued.

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