Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Recovery from corona infection Some tips for precaution to the person after taking leave from Kelvi Hospital.

 Recovery from corona infection Some tips for precaution to the person after taking leave from Kelvi Hospital.



Before reforming other people, we have to think about our improvement first.  Before expecting sweet behavior from others, we have to keep our behavior sweet.  Sometimes our own behavior becomes so inferior and indecent.

  We make fun of others' weaknesses and weaknesses.  They also become absolutely fiery.  Sometimes we have considered how many defects - badness, and lust are filled even within our own - it is a different matter.
There is not a single person in this world who is completely good or bad.  According to the situation, a bad image keeps appearing.  If we continue to see evil, lack, or harm in others, then life will not take any time to become hell.  Remember, if you want to improve someone in the world, only improve yourself.

  It is not necessary to always have dear moments in life, that we should get favorable behavior of other people.  Humiliation, mourning, disconnection, loss, failure etc. all situations come and go.  No body in the world can survive these variations.

Getting upset about a little thing, getting frustrated, crying, getting excited, coming into a state of anger and saying no to the unworthy and doing it to the inescapable, all these are the symptoms of man's inner weakness, weakness, inertia.  .  We need to increase our mental strength.
In the most difficult situation, one has to take decisions judiciously and patiently.
The words and actions performed in excitement and anger worsen the situation.  Therefore, make silence and smile your ornament.  The cycle of the world will continue like this, smile and accept every moment.

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