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RRR slap:Beating 'Baahubali 2', the film did a business of Rs 900 crore even before its release, Ajay Devgn was seen in a strong look

RRR slap:Beating 'Baahubali 2', the film did a business of Rs 900 crore even before its release, Ajay Devgn was seen in a strong look

North Indian rights of South Indian film director SS Rajmouli's film 'RRR' have been sold at a record breaking price. According to media reports, Rajmouli's film has been bought by North Indian Theatrical Rights Pen India for Rs 140 crore. With this deal, RRR's total pre-release business has reached an estimated Rs 900 crore.

'RRR' has
topped the 'RRR' pre-release business by beating 'Baahubali 2 '. Rajmouli's 'Baahubali 2' had an all-time record business of around Rs 500 crore before its release. RRR's theatrical rights have sold for a total of Rs 570 crore worldwide. The film earns Rs 890 crore through electronic, satellite and digital rights.

Released on October 13
, according to media reports, Penn India's Jayantilal Gada has also bought North Indian theatrical, electronic, satellite and digital rights in all the languages ​​of the film (Telugu, Tamil, Hindu, Malayalam and Kannada). The film is set to release in theaters on October 13. The film stars Junior NTR, Ramcharan Teja, Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt.

Will 'RRR' break records in earnings?
Now let's see how 'RRR' performs at the box office. The makers hope that this film will break all the records of 'Baahubali 2' in the history of Indian cinema. With a box office collection of Rs 1,810 crore, 'Baahubali 2' has become the highest grossing film in the history of Indian cinema.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર ન્યૂઝ

RRR's pre-release business

Andhra Pradesh: Rs 165 crore
North Indian: Rs 140 crore
Nizam: Rs 75 crore
Tamil Nadu: Rs 48 crore
Karnataka: Rs 45 crore
Kerala: Rs 15 crore
Overseas: Rs 70 crore

(A) Total Theatrical Rights: Rs. 570 crore
(B) Digital Rights (All Languages): Rs 170 crore
(C) Satellite rights (all languages): Rs 130 crore
(D) Music Rights (All Languages): Rs. 20 crore
Total Revenue (A + B + C + D): Rs. 890 crore

Rajmouli shares first look on Ajay Devgn's birthday Rajmouli has shared the actor's first look on Ajay Devgn's birthday . The director shared a motion poster on social media to wish Ajay a happy birthday and said, 'Load me shoot. He gains strength by empowering his people. ' In the video, Ajay Devgn wearing a shawl is surrounded by people on a battlefield. The word 'load me shoot' is heard in the background. At the end of the video, Ajay comes forward by removing the shawl.

The film, which will be released on Dussehra, will be released on more than 5,000 screens in India. Viewers and makers hope the Corona will be overcome by then.
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