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Previously 22 Research Page no. If the teacher of a school in a small Dang region from 6 does not use the Dangi dialect and training, the district of Gujarat working under Gandhinagar, how will the subject matter be addressed by the Education and Training Bhavans during the year 1998-99 and a song in his dialect to a child of that region.

125(one hundred and twenty five) researches were conducted. If you can get across, you have to feed the essence of 114 (one hundred and fourteen) researches which have been approved. The bookmaker decided to publish all these positive signs. 59 of them have made this possible.

Due to the generous and positive research work of the organizers due to their approach to Gandhi Vidyapeeth at Vedchi. The face of an elementary education has blossomed, carried out. The enthusiasm, vigor and joy that this writer seems to have in the present air in this work, if given the opportunity to live all this, was found to be due to the positive attitude towards primary teachers and accordingly to the professors of primary training colleges who excel in research work.

Professors who were lacking in education are now doing research enthusiastically and the world is out of this inhumane framework. Also, the coming Bhagirath work of this research survey - is the importance of research in human life? We all analyze, analyze what the district education has said and decide based on it that the training buildings are not in vain, we shape the behavior. But still ... we have taken up it widely in our society but in the primary institutions or in various fields research has not been given much importance, especially in education and its good education.

There are very few researches that can be used in practice, and the result is adopted Advanced Action Research which is therapeutic and has been carried out continuously i.e. M.L.L. But we have kept our eyes peeled for that too ... But now the next decade of Gujarat Government (Minimum / Primary Education Department without stress - fun education - the level of education in the active year has risen to the level of education and the contribution of research, action research is small Face proper Learning) Why this breath, | No. 


The research climate is such that car-holding practices in the field of primary education The GCERT has no doubt that any primary school teacher or the right person will do the research. It also plans to provide incentive grants. This is our humble approach, and a positive thing. Primary teachers should respond appropriately. 'To believe. Furthermore, management is about research.

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