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Staff quarters matter for primary and secondary teachers


Staff quarters matter for primary and secondary teachers

According to the Government of India (Work Allocation) Rules, 1961, the following work items have been allocated to this department: -

 1. To advise the Ministries / Departments in legal matters, under which the interpretation of the Constitution and statutes, transfer-writing and those matters in the High Courts and Subordinate Courts in which the Union of India is a party, to be subjugated on behalf of the Union of India.  Employing Counsel.

 2. The Attorney General of India, the General Solicitor of India and other law officers of the Central Government with respect to the States, whose services are used equally by the Ministries of the Government of India.

 3. To conduct cases in the Supreme Court and High Courts on behalf of the Central Government and on behalf of the State Governments participating in the Central Agency Scheme.

 4. Interpretation with foreign countries for serving summons in civil promises, execution of decree of civil courts, enforcement of maintenance orders and administration of estates of deceased foreign persons in India.

 5. Authorizing the officers for execution of contracts and transfer of property on behalf of the President under Article 299 (1) of the Constitution of India, and on the promise letters or written statements in promises made by or against the Central Government  Authorizing officers to sign and verify them.

 6. Indian Law Service.

 7. To make treaties and agreements with foreign countries in matters of civil law.

 8. Law Commission.

 9. Law business including the Advocates Act, 1961 (25 of 1961) and persons entitled to practice law before the High Courts.

 10. Enhancing the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and giving it more powers;  A person entitled to practice law before the Supreme Court;  Instructions to the Supreme Court under Article 143 of the Constitution of India.

 11. Administration of the Notaries Act, 1952 (53 of 1952).

 12. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

 The department has also been allocated the work of administering the following Acts: -

 (A) Advocates Act, 1961

 (B) Notary Act, 1952

 (C) Advocates Welfare Fund Act, 2001;

 In addition, the Department is also administering the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 and the New Delhi International Arbitration Center, 2019.

 1.2.  This department is also the administrative incharge of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and Law Commission of India.  This department is also administratively related to all subjects related to the Indian Law Service.  Apart from this, it is also associated with the appointments of Law Officers ie the Attorney General of India, the General Solicitor of India and the Additional General Solicitors of India.  In order to promote study and research in the field of law and to improve the legal profession, this department gives grants-in-aid to organizations connected with these fields, such as the Indian Law Institute and the Indian Bar Council.



 2. Organizational Structure

 The Department of Legal Affairs is in two stages, namely the Main Secretariat in New Delhi and the Branch Secretariat in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.  According to the nature of the work, its functions can be broadly divided into two areas - advice work and litigation work.

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