Thursday, April 15, 2021

Today Education News


Today Education News

With Corona wailing across the state, the state government has taken one more decision in the interest of students ’health.  


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 education in classes 1 to 12 across the state i.e. classroom education will be closed till May 10 or any other order by the state government.  Also, the board exams for Std. 10 and Std. 12 in Gujarat, which were to be held from May 10 to May 25, have been postponed due to the current situation in Corona.

ધોરણ નવ અને 11 ને માસ પ્રમોશન 

 Mass Promotion to Students in Std-1 to 9 and Std-11 The State Government has said that the new dates of this examination will be announced on 15th May after reviewing the transition status of Coro.  It has also been decided that due to the announcement of these new dates, students will be given at least 15 days to prepare for the exam.  Also, mass promotion will be given to students in Std-1 to 9 and Std-11 in the state this year.


Children cannot go to school and take exams

 A guardian named Girish Soni said that mass promotion should be given to students in standard 1 to 9.  Cases are on the rise, so that young children cannot go to school and take exams and there is a possibility of online exams being stolen, so that no injustice is done to any student, mass promotion should be given in Std. 1 to 9 and Std. 10 and 12 exams should be made compulsory.  On which the future of the students depends, but the examination should be held in June instead of May.

દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

 There was a demand for mass promotion in standard 1 to 9

 All Gujarat Guardianship President Naresh Shah said that the CBSE board exam has been canceled and postponed, but the Gujarat board does not need to cancel the exam.  To take a decision for Gujarat Board as decided for CBSE Board, in which 10th and 12th standard examination should be held in June instead of May.  Mass promotion should be given in standard 1 to 9.

 CBSE has canceled 10 exams and postponed 12 exams

 The standard 10 exam has been canceled by the CBSE board due to increasing cases of corona, while the standard 12 exam has been postponed.  The Gujarat Board exams are also starting in May, but no decision has been taken by the Gujarat Board yet.  Corona's case has raised concerns among students and parents that no decision has yet been made on the exam, with parents now demanding that the exam be canceled or postponed.

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