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In this post, an online test has been placed covering various subjects which are very useful in the scholarship examination PSE conducted for the students studying in Std.  By rehearsing the online test given by student friends as much as possible, you will not get better marks in the PSE exam and you will also be able to get the scholarship of Rs 48,000 from the state government.  Is.  If you give 10 marks test regularly, you will increase our knowledge and you will be able to get better marks in the exam.

PSE EXAM માટે ગણિત વિભાગના પ્રકરણ વાઈઝ  વીડિયો નીચેની લીંક માં મુકવામાં આવેલા છે.

👉પ્રકરણ-1 સાદુ વ્યાજ :- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-2 અવયવ અને અવયવી:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-3 અવિભાજ્ય અને વિભાજ્ય સંખ્યાઓ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-4 સ્થાન કિંમત:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-5 સરાસરી અને પૂર્ણ તેમજ પ્રાકૃતિક સંખ્યાઓ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-6 અપૂર્ણાંક સંખ્યાઓ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-7 લંબાઈ વજન ગુંજાશ અને રેખા રેખાખંડ કિરણ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-8 ત્રિકોણ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-9 ખૂણા:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-10 ઘડિયાળ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-11 વર્તુળ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-12 નફો ખોટ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-13સાદુરૂપ, વ્યસ્ત, વિરોધી સંખ્યાઓ:- CLICK HERE

👉પ્રકરણ-14 કેલ્ક્યુલેટર અને સંખ્યારેખા:- CLICK HERE

Here are various tests useful for PSA exam in which various tests like intellectual ability, blood relations, who is at what distance, in which children can test their knowledge by giving test and on the basis of which children get good marks in PSE  exam and pass.  Can.

The question is stated in the preceding paragraph that the powers that be must meet certain requirements. One of their requirements is that the diameter of the opal should be at least 30% of the diameter of the scalpel ”. If the first coin is 15 mm then the diameter of the coin should be 30% more than that. Explain what we should calculate first. He will be told that first he has to calculate what is 30% of 15 mm. Then it has to be added in 15mm so that the newly formed mata shakka has a diameter. Repeat the process until the new coin is found to be smaller than 45 mm in diameter, as the coin should not be more than 45 mm in diameter as required. Another important point to keep in mind is that coins have a whole number of millimeters in diameter ”, for example 10 mm of 15 mm is 1.5 mm. Ohm, 30% of 15 mm is 4.5 mm. Therefore, the diameter of 15% to 30% mata shaskna is 19.5 mm. But we can't make a 19.5 mm shackle because it's not an integer. Now, the nearest whole number from 19.5 mm is 20 mm. Ohm, 15 mm to 30%, but a whole number of diameters is 20 mm. Similarly, when calculating, it will be found that in addition to a total of 5 coins, it will be possible to make a customized suit. It should be deducted from your calculations as follows. 15mm, 20mm, 26mm, 34mm, 45mm. Written representation of the response received in the last week 6. If you start with a 15 mm shaft, what will be the diameter of the shaft? A. 40 mm B. 41 mm C. 42 mm D. 43 mm A total of five sheets can be made as calculated. Now, the diameters of all the possible coins do not match the Opel Cai value. What can be done? Here, the word “almost” emphasizes the cross. We have to find out the diameter of the mattress in the mattress. Considering all of Opel's options, the value is closer to 45 mm. At the end of the day, it will be noted that the answer can be chosen 43. Written presentation of the response received last week Page 3 of 5

Page 4 of 5 Question 3: 7. Shyam Napikari (from Shasarija) is playing. He puts his finger on the victim's mouth and tries to push the stick inwards. It can push the stick ___________. A. Absolutely B. Absolutely C. Not at all C. Slightly D. (None of these - Napikari (Shasrijans) will be broken) Not spent. The hand will be able to push the dark dot slightly inwards as the path for air circulation is blocked. Correct Answer: a. Written presentation of the response received in the last week. Page 4 of 5
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