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Whali Dikari Yojana Mahtvapoorn mahiti

Whali Dikari Yojana Mahtvapoorn mahiti

Whali Dikari Yojana Mahtvapoorn mahiti.

2 daughters std. Getting admission in 1 means assistance of Rs. 4000
Daughter Std. Admission in 9 means assistance of Rs. 6000
સહાય Assistance of Rs. 1,00,000 if daughter completes 18 years

The way some old flowers fall with the first rays of dawn and new flowers bloom and make nature fragrant. Some dry leaves fall from the tree to the ground and new shoots sprout and adorn nature.

Similarly a new day comes with a new energy and a new idea. When a new day comes, it brings with it new joy and new hope so that we can make our life fragrant and joyful with new ideas.

With the passage of time, it becomes necessary to give up that which is old, that which is fresh and that which is unnecessary. The way white marble needs daily cleaning and washing to maintain its luster. In the same way, the human mind also needs to be cleansed daily with soap in the form of good thoughts and satsanga so that life can be given brightness and whiteness by cleaning the filth of bad thoughts well. To cleanse the filth of ideas.

If the water in the jug is not cleaned daily then we will find that the water is slowly rotting and becoming poison. In the same way, if some superior thoughts, some good thoughts are not filled in the intellect by refining it daily, then our same tainted thoughts become poison for life and become an obstacle in its spiritual advancement. Always be in the shelter of satsanga so that purity of heart and purity of thoughts remain.

Subject: - Matter of interpreting the seniority of the mother school of the teachers who have been transferred in the online transfer camp.

Reference: - According to the representation of all the districts of the Primary Education Federation of Gujarat

Congratulations to Jai Bharat Saath for explaining that thousands of teachers will be deprived of transfers in the online transfer camp instead of considering the seniority of the existing school instead of the seniority of the original school. To inform Saheb that on 23/05/2012 Chapter (b) involved a total of 3 main points of importance.

1) Rules for killing
2) Rules for returning to the maternity school
3) Rules for transferring the slain demand

In the subsequent amendment resolution
Dated 21/08/2018
1) Rules for killing
2) Rules for returning to the maternity school

Only this badge issue

Subsequent amendment resolution dated. On 05/06/2020

1) Rules for killing
2) Rules of returning to the mother school

Only this badge is associated with the issue

If there is no moment of "Rules of Demand for Assassination" then the resolution of 23.05.2012 should be validated and the teachers who have been transferred should be considered as the seniority of the mother school. doing..
This matter has been introduced to you earlier

Whali Dikari Yojana Mahtvapoorn mahiti.
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