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Will find out.  Is a wonderful book.  It feels like reading apart.  At the age of 7, he traveled to Burma, Japan, a landlocked country. He died on August 31, 191 in East Africa.  But in Gujarati literature ‘Savaya’ is written, which every book is worth enjoying.  

His name as 'Gujarati' is immortal even today, apart from travelogues, he also wrote essays.  In which "wandering joy", "joy of life", Raju: Mommy Kakasaheb Kalelkar's stories are the main ones.  After listening to him, I also decided today that I have also written an autobiography "Smaranyatra" in which I will definitely try to learn his new languages. It is a beautiful occasion of my childhood.  

Jivanlila" and his book "Journey to the Himalayas" are the books he wrote about the wonderful rivers of India. Now I will definitely read them.  Described.  His mother in Santiniketan in 1918: Very nice son!  Interview with our Esiaran Gandhiji and you will definitely get the book from Freedom Library.  Also joined the movement. 

પરિપત્ર અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


I am investigating Gujarat in the 19th.  Became the Chancellor of the University.  In 19, he has also received the Padma Vibhushan award for not worrying about Raju and his mother.  Rather than that, we will order online.  He also became a member of Rajya Sabha and his Raju and mom laughed out loud.  Name stamps are also out.  He wrote mostly in prose, but reading his books gives us poems Maranganatra.  Croation Ru Guarani Armenia.

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