Thursday, June 17, 2021

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 Nazrani Khan is 20 years old and lives in Khajuri village in Sonbhadra state of Uttar Pradesh.  He lives in a family of seven siblings.  After graduating in sociology, he started his own business.  His monthly income is 15 thousand rupees.  Not only solar lamps are available in his smart solar shop but also repair work is done.  Nazrani started her business four years ago under a government scheme to support woman empowerment.  There was a time when Nazrani did not even have money to buy a bicycle.  Now he has bought a scooter with his own money.  He gives Rs 2,000 to his mother and Rs 5,000 to his father every month from his earnings.

The sight of spending childhood in poverty has become an inspiration to many.  Due to his work, he also got a chance to meet PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath.  That said, Poonam, a working woman like me, started giving solar lamps to school children for Rs 100.  Today my shop receives orders not only from Uttar Pradesh but also from Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

The life of 23-year-old Poonam, who worked with Nazrani, also changed due to this work.  Poonam is a mother of 2 children.  He has a postgraduate degree in Sociology.  Poonam's parents do odd jobs.  Everyone was joking when he sent his daughter to school and college to study.  Poonam also had to listen to the sorcery of many people that no matter how much she studies, in the end she has to work.  In 5 years after graduation, Poonam changed her life and the life of her family.  Her parents are proud of the daughter

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