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 There was a tradition in a village that if a new man came to live in the village, all the people of the village would go to meet this new citizen.  When he goes to meet, he carries a gift for this new citizen of the village according to his ability.  Talk to the newcomer and give him a present as he leaves.  Doing so makes the new person feel at home in the village.  Two brothers from another village came to live in this village.  All the people of the village were traditionally going to meet the family of these two brothers with gifts according to their ability.

 When a potter from the village came to meet the two brothers, he made two nice clay dolls for them and brought them as gifts.  He gave the two brothers one doll each and said, 'This is a doll made of clay, I have not been able to bake it yet.  This doll is very delicate now but if it matures it will become strong. Now it is your job to make it strong.  If you heat the doll properly, it will become stronger.

 A carpenter from the same village also came to meet the new residents of the village.  The carpenter brought two wooden dolls as gifts for the two brothers.  Gave both brothers a doll.  The doll was very nice, so one of the brothers praised the doll very much.  The carpenter said, ‘This doll looks good right now but if you don’t strengthen it properly, you won’t even like to see the doll you like so much right now.  Right now this is made from raw wood.  Steep it in water if you want to make it strong.  A wooden doll will soak in water and become stronger and look even better than it looks now. '

 All the people in the village left, so the two brothers now set about setting up their own house.  The dolls also had to be arranged but still raw and baked.  One brother set fire to a clay doll he had, and soaked the wooden doll in water.  After some time, it was seen that both the dolls became strong, one became strong by heating in fire and the other became strong by soaking in water.  The other brother thought, I don't want to do all the crap.  I want to strengthen my dolls in a different way from the world.  He soaked the clay doll in water and threw the wooden doll into the fire. After a while he saw that both the dolls were destroyed, one melted in the water and the other was burnt in the fire.

 God has also given different abilities to every human being on earth.  The Lord has made someone a clay doll and someone a wooden doll.  As a parent, you have to decide what kind of doll your child is.  Only if you can identify what your doll looks like will you be able to shape her career properly.  If your doll is made of clay and you try to throw it into the water, it will be your biggest foolishness.  The doll will not say anything, but after a while it will slowly dissolve.  This parable teaches a story that cannot be learned from a big book.

 As early as the month of June, as parents, we are worried about what kind of course we should give admission to for our children's further studies.  We go to many so-called educators for guidance and these educators advise your children for further study in a way that directly or indirectly benefits them, whether the child melts or burns!  Decide for yourself the future of your child instead of seeking the advice of sitting scholars.  If the field you choose for your children's career is their favorite and favorite field, their journey to reach the pinnacle of success will be easy but also enjoyable.  Aamir Khan's film 'Three Idiots' says a lot about this.

 It is only our delusion to have a bright career in some kind of field.  Every sector in the world has its own importance.  This society needs a good doctor or engineer as much as it needs a good poet or writer.  If the powers in a person are to be nurtured by the sixteen arts, it can be possible only and only in the field of his choice.  If you make him a doctor, he will not be happy and society will not benefit.  A very clever boy from my own village has now become an MBBS but in private he has told me many times that my father has inadvertently punished me by making me a doctor.

Miss Call Hear the Story Make a Miss Call on 6357390234 and listen to the story

 The price in this world is not of degree but of expertise.  Your value depends on your mastery.  A man with an MBA earns a salary of Rs.  Haresh Dhamelia, who lives in Gondal, has barely graduated after two trials.  But he has mastered the field of computer networking of his choice and is currently working in London with a package of Rs 90 lakh.  Std.  Krunal Patel from Rajkot, who studied in Gujarati medium till 12, was hired by Google with an annual salary of Rs 14 million.  His classmates who brought even more percent than Krunal may not have been able to get even a package of 10% of this!  Krunal was able to do this miracle because he went to his favorite field and so he had a degree as well as mastery.

 Only after examining the type of doll your child has can you decide which area to send it to.

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