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You have to say something cool, men’s lust ... ’and Paragbhai, who was standing at the table, started sweating,‘ Do you know this? ’

 Paragbhai decided that he had to make a confession.  It is not possible to speak against Kanchan.  Let me write it down on paper, it is not said when a man will fall into this corona epidemic.  A sin, a sting?

 Paragbhai sat in his room with a paper and a pen to write - 'I confess that ...'  Before Paragbhai got up, Mrs. Barsakh was seen standing and said, 'In the present day, you have sunk in the newspapers, get up.  It's half past ten, bring the vegetables.  What should I do if you don't bring vegetables?  The stone from the village stone mine? '

 After hearing so much from Mrs. Paragbhai, he said, 'Sometimes if you bring vegetables.'  Kanchanben said, 'No ... Ray .. No ... Village is village.  Let's go to the square to get vegetables. How many men are sitting there?  All stare at the waiters.  I do not like  You are also Navradhup.  Go soon, vegetable ... '

 Paragbhai came out swinging an empty bag.  I remembered, 'Yes, I went out to buy vegetables that day too, didn't I?  Sit there sinning in life.  This is not called sin.  It is a sin to deceive or take advantage of someone.  In this he is against me. '

 Stuck in a lot of thought, the chowk came right there.  He said in a vegetable accent, 'Saib, look at these green vegetables.'  There I remembered Kanchan's words, 'Take a different vegetable today.  I don't forget green spices, lemon, ginger. '  Also, Pollen's eyes fell on the pile of vegetables.  I saw Bhinda holding hands.  The lady there says, 'There is a lot of respect.  It's old, it's a little sweet. '

 'Bhindo na khavaya pitta kare, eggplant?  No, don't eat except in season, curry feels bitter. '  A babbled.  As usual, I looked at the pile of vegetables and looked at the milk.  Besides, Bai also said, 'Saib, take it, milk is like butter.'

 Paragbhai came home with vegetables.  Put a bag of vegetables on the side of the aisle.  There Mrs. Tadukya, 'did an hour.  Still have to wash vegetables.  This corona is so tired.  What was going on? '  Paragbhai kept listening.  He said in his mind, 'It doesn't take as many days.'  Mrs. turned the bag upside down in a bucket of water and said, 'What did you bring in the vegetables?  Didn't you bring the milk? '  Dudhani Dokani there!  'Hey ... Ray!  You see nothing but milk.  I don't want to eat dairy vegetables.  Dal-rice, bread are gone.  You are very fond of it and in the evening I will make milk paratha or a handful of dhokla.  Thus the milk needs to be tied on your head.  It also needs to be wrapped in some cloth and applied to the eyes. '

 Paragbhai went to the bathroom to wash his hands and feet without saying anything.  Mrs. says, 'If you want to eat, let me make some vegetables.  I will bring enough vegetables from there to Kashima in the neighborhood. '  Paragbhai says, 'Then take some for me too.'  Mrs. Chhanko said, 'Shall I go and ask for you?  You are the one who eats dal-rice and bread!  I'll do it now. '

 After a while, Kanchanben came back and said, 'I have brought Kashima's Adad dal.  I will eat lentils, bread, buttermilk, jaggery, onion ball, pickles.  You go for my share of lentils and rice. '

 'So I'm so hungry?'  Paragbhai went to speak but remembered the confession, it is called hunger!

 Paragbhai left the ground.  He took a paper pen and sat down to complete the confession.  Mrs.'s voice was heard there, 'Come here!'

 Paragbhai said, 'Speak, speak, what is the order?'

 Mrs. says, 'The monsoon has gone heavy this year.  Let's look at the gardener.  Pulses and lentils have not rotted, have they?  If the moisture is not felt, it should be heated in the scorching heat of Bhadarwa.  You hold the table.  Let me check. 'Paragbhai stood holding the table.  Mrs. spoke, 'Hush!  I didn't feel the moisture.  Let me see another two boxes.  If there is moisture, it should be heated.  I have to heat the man myself, in the scorching heat.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. '

 Paragbhai, who was standing at the table, started sweating, "Did he find out?"  The table shook.  Mrs. Joji said, 'Jojo, break Tantiya somewhere.'  Everything looked safe so Mrs. says, 'Come on, everything is fine.  I am careful not to let moisture get in the way.  Then he comes down from the table and says, 'Now make a nice fun spicy tea.  Then let’s talk spicy.  "Talk while making tea," says Paragbhai.

 Mrs. says, ‘Why are you in a hurry?  Keep calm  First make the tea so strong that Amreli is visible. 'Moreover, Paragbhai got angry and said,' Err ... I have found out!  I see you in broad daylight! '

 Then Mrs. took a sip of tea and said, 'Our street girl ....' Paragbhai found the tea bitter.  Collapsed.  Arrrrr ... this all seems to know.  It seems like there will be a big fuss before I confess somewhere.  Then he said comfortably, 'Yes, what is that?'

 "Nothing," said Mrs. further, "all the talk is that, that girl, let go, what are we?"  Paul opened the door where his father-in-law went.  There are also many big heads in our village ... 'Paragbhai asked back,' Why open the poll? '  Mrs. says, 'Whatever the reason.  Sin climbs the roof and shouts, what else.  Should all be as simple as you? '

 Paragbhai was a little annoyed, 'Hush, ‌ I think this is straightforward.  If I confessed everyone's name, why didn't my name come up? '

 'You are like a man,' said Mrs., 'grab the poncho with your finger, poor girl ...' Paragbhai said in his mind, 'I did nothing.  He called me straight and held my hand. '

 Listening to Mrs. Ji's words, Paragbhai became like Ajanpa.  The girl also went to confess.  Don't even tolerate such games of men like me.  Let's do it straight.  Yes, bringing milk every day is tolerable.  If the rest of the curve comes, I will cut it like milk. '

 Listening to Mrs.'s words, Paragbhai started sweating.  Went straight into the room, tearing the half-written chubby into pieces and putting it in his pants pocket.  I will dispose of it tomorrow morning, when I go to get vegetables, hey .. Ray .. Ray .. I went to pick vegetables that day, right?  Going to get vegetables ..!